What is wrong with me i am a curvy women at present i am sitting in work and i have a collar on under my jumper aching for some guys to use me any way they want i love beeing used humiliated water sports and treated like a dog and slave i have a very high s** drive what is wrong with me



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  • I think you should embrace your choices and lifestyle. I enjoy some of the same things too. You're fine honey you just have needs. Xoxo

  • There's nothing wrong with you, a lot of men would love you and give you the use you need. I love my wife because she's like you I married her because she liked being used, she likes it when I make her f*** other men, treat her like a s***, a dirty w****, having no choice as to who, how many or what they do to her.

  • I would so love that to be me

  • My girl sleeps with my p**** in her mouth her idea not mine

  • Have you made yourself available? What steps have you taken?

  • I told my boyfriend that I want to be his slave a dog I want him to take me for walkies with me only wearing my collar and dog lead I want him to humiliate me f*** and p*** on me in front of people I want him to totally abuse my body and he can't do this

  • You and I would have nice time

  • I have asked my wife to be a slave but the only thing she let's me do is spank her a little. she is overweight and I know that is why she won't give in.she is very passive but nothing like peeing on her or taking it up the ass. I wish she was like you. she won't even let my put a finger in her ass.

  • I love my ar** being fu**** and I am very curvy I like being treated like a dog wearing a collar and lead . And kneeling licking and sucking on my bf Co** and b**** I want a dog cage but he want let me

  • I would have you sucking my dog and letting him mount you while You lick my butt and I could have a great time let me know

  • Never had s** with a dog the thought has crossed my mind tho

  • Dear Slave:

    There is nothing wrong with you. Fetishes are part and parcel of the whole thing. Personally, I enjoy hypno-eroticism. If you respond to humiliation, you might also.

    I'd train you to feel all the things you desire and become hyper-aroused in totally inappropriate contexts. I'd tinker with your responses, augment your desire so that you become insatiable, diminish your ability to control yourself, and to make it near-impossible NOT to lose control when you are aroused. I would overlay multiple triggers and practice conditioning until you responded automatically. You'd never know what would trigger an erotic episode with compulsive fantasizing,

    If you enjoy the dog thing, imagine feeling a near irresistible urge to go on all fours, lift a leg and give every fire hydrant you see a let-fly. Or imagine trying to maintain an enlightened conversation with an intelligent, attractive man while all you could think about is hunching his leg...

    The great thing is that the sky is the limit. In fact, the only limits are your own imagination. And believe me ... I have quite an imagination.

    So no, there is nothing wrong with you.

  • That's wat I would love I want to be put in a dog cage and be taken for a walk with a lead and collar on

  • I dare say you would like that ... my dogs certainly like that. Of course, my dogs don't wear clothes. And when they meet other dogs, they sniff each other's butts. How would you feel about that?

    Moreover since slavery appeals to you, how would you feel about exchanging menial tasks for the comfort of a man’s favors? And as you have a high s** drive, how would you feel about performing ‘targeted seductions?’ The idea here is that I target a business man or community leader for you to seduce. I teach a system of nonverbal communication, and on my ‘signals,’ you begin to flirt with and eventually seduce a man. You do this in my interest, and at the end of the day … well … you have my ‘gratitude.’

    As you see, I'm intelligent and imaginative. I mean to know a slave well, to 'use' her in just the ways she needs, and to satisfy myself with her carnal desires.

  • I'm having an affair with a lady. I've spanked her and caned her. I force her to do things. It's almost like the more demanding I am and the more physical pain I inflict the closer we get.

  • I'll treat you like a slave if you want. Say the word and I'm there. I'll even f*** the s*** out of you if ya want.

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