I Have A Crush On A Straight Girl

So I have been crushing on this girl in my music class for a while. But she is straight and she recently broke up with her boyfriend. So I have no chances. BUUUUT she was being super adorable yesterday omfg. We went on a field trip to a concert hall and I sat on the bus with her. We had to share a seat on the bus and we were kinda squished together. When we got off the bus to get lunch, I asked if I could eat lunch with her (I have social anxiety issues, I didn't want to eat alone) and happily replied "Yes!" We shared sushi together and I bought her a cup of coffee. When we were walking back to the concert hall we sat together. At some point I put my head on her shoulder because I was sleepy and she put her head on mine and she patted my head!!!! It was so nice ahhhhhhh!!!!! And on our way back to the bus, she was really cold and I gave her a big hug and she gave me a hug back and said I was really warm. It was probably one of the best days of my life. But of course she is straight and I can never date her........I'm gonna need help getting over it. Any advice?

Mar 4, 2017

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  • Just use her for s**

  • True to what the previous comment said, it will only hurt you to love someone who you already think won't love you back, you are brave to decide to move on, and that will take talking a bit less then yesterday to her, looking at her a bit less than yesterday, thinking a bit less than yesterday, and occupying yourself with something that catches a little of your interest, when you start collecting memories you are stocking up on getting hurt, so Little a day my dear and you may wake up one day completely over it and new possible doors opened. :)))

  • Hey try to get her to fall for you.

  • Almost everyone endures an impossible relationship.

  • Chick with a d***

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