Pantie & Bra loving male

I am a straight male and love nothing better than getting home after work and straight into a matching set of sexy panties and bra at the moment I have a peach set on very sexy, my wife shops with me so I have 12 sets currently.
On Saturday and Sunday morning after I shower and shave all over my wife makes me up and puts on a wig, every time I just can't help it I get a roaring horn while watching the transformation in the mirror then she relieves me orally it is so great, then I don my panties and place my b****** into the padded bra lifting them over the padding so I have a nice firm form, I usually stay like that all day until the evening when I put on one of my sexy nighties.
On occasion a couple of her friends have came around and I stayed how I was and was not embarrassed they were very nice about it suggesting we go out as a threesome because they all think I would pass as a girl if I did not speak, my wife is now training me to wear heels and we soon will be purchasing pantyhose, blouses and skirts then we will try a trip to the mall to see how it goes.

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  • You're not straight. You're a disgusting pervert f@ggot. I wish you were never born!

  • That sounds fabulous, my wife likes me in panties and bras however I feel you have influenced me to go a lot further with my female dressing so I will show this post to her and I am certain she will agree, how about updating us when you go to the shops I don't think we would try that, thank you

  • You are straight! stop saying that... you are GAY.... GAY!! So stop lying to yourself and learn to accept who you are geeeezzzz!!

  • Really not gay I am straight you may be amazed at the amount of straight guys that dress in women's wear

  • I am not Gay either (not that there is anything wrong with being Gay) and I only wear woman's lingerie, try them you might be surprised at how much better they are than men's

  • Wow that sounds so shocking how do you keep going?

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