I followed my wife and she didn't know.

I am a 52 year old guy, I am in very good shape and look good for my age. My wife is 44. 5.8 145lb. brunette. She is on the quiet side. We have been married for 22 years and things are pretty good. Our s** life is very good and we often talk about being adventurous as we get older. She is usually home from work every day around 2.00pm. But in the last 3 months two days of every week she started getting home between 5.00 pm and 6.00pm. Coincidentally the two days are Monday and Friday. I asked her if she was working late, and she said no I just do some shopping after work. But when she comes home she has no bags with her, and on both of those days when she is late she comes home being very giddy, calm and relaxed. That's when I started getting suspicious. I decided to loan a car from a friend of myn and proceeded to follow her on the Monday. She drove from the town where she worked which is also the town we live and travelled to a small town 35 mins away. She parked in a bar/restaurant parking lot and went into the place. I waited across the way for 20 to 30 mins and then she came out. NOT ALONE. My mouth hit the floor. Now my wife is really Irish white, her face turns red if only in the sun for 5 mins. Her companion was African American, a big guy had to be 6.4ft. Now she has a very good body on her and as she was walking in front, lets call him Leroy. Well Leroys eyes were planted on her ass. Now the adventure part I mentioned earlier when my wife and I talking, she did mention certain black guys are hot. Now I know she was serious. I followed them to, yes a motel. I parked across the road and watched as they went into a room directly across from me. Then something started happening to me. My c*** started getting hard and I was feeling very aroused. I instantly drove over to the motel and checked out the room number. I then went into the office and booked the room next to where my wife was getting ploughed. I went into the room very quietly and closed the door. I didn't have put a glass at the wall or any other device to her what was going on, you could hear the noises from both of them, especially "oh my god" which she never said while I was f***** her. I have to admit I j***** off right there. When I was done he was still ploughing her, must have been 25mins none stop. From that day to this I still haven't told her that I know. But I will. I got home before her and when she came into the house I said Hi honey, She looked like a train had hit her and she said her back was bothering her, I wonder why. Will keep you updated...

Mar 21, 2017

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  • She's as good as gone dude, once they start outside the marriage it never stops, dump her, she nothing less than a liar cheat.

  • Nope... just enjoy it!

  • Sounds like she is a prostitute

  • Once they start it doesn't stop so best thing is to encourage them and as it turns you on like it does me then talk her into letting you be there to watch,don't interact tho just sit silently and watch in awe as a young and hung guy ploughs her to o***** after o*****,I watch mine couple of times a year with 17-21 year olds and never same guy twice so no involvement or attachment firmed,I have on invite got down under her as she's been taken doggy style and licked n chewed her c*** as a big young c*** has taken its toll on her p**** and/or a***-hole;mostly 8" and above as she says no use to her if it's any smaller than mine which is just over 7" she also prefers cut and smooth (hairless) c***

  • I agree, and I think ^this^ is excellent advice.

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