Hope you know it...

How does it feel to be in love with someone you can never be with ?
Very common question but unfortunately no perfect answer.Piercing Pain is common but still does it ensure that heart will stop loving ...No and why so? That's the mystery.

The worst part about it being meeting the person at the most imperfect time of your life. when all you need is time of togetherness and that is the only thing that you don't have.
More the killing feelings more it makes one feel as if everything is just in vain, investing in the wrong relationships, getting your heart broken and not being able to do anything about the situations.

Non stop Dilemma or decision ? Decision or choice ? Choice or the only option ? Who can make out ? Nobody !

N Number of thoughts cloud the mind..Life is unfair ? Or time is ? You aren't capable enough or circumstances are paralytic ? Whose fault is it ? Why ? Unanswered questions just eat up inside. I'm
Fantasies can be weaved but do the situations change...Nope it's same it can't change ever ..The souls know and understand very much yet it continues with the flow and the heart beats in rhythm for the person who came in the wrong time...
And that is love ....A beautiful Feeling that always surpasses all the don'ts...
We can chain ourselves but we can't cage our feelings.It flows and for sure reaches where it is meant too if true..
Hope you feel it.....

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  • As painful as; being unable to afford a kfc, when you're hungry for one.

  • Instead of hoping this person knows it why not just talk to them. I See all of these love confession posts on here, confessing bs to strangers you dont even know instead of simply opening up to the actual person. It's so pathetic!

  • Lol right on!

  • Nope, I don't feel it.

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