Very drunk wife opens up

One of my fantasies is seeing my beautiful petite Asian wife having s** with me and my best friend Andy.

My wife and I have a very healthy sexual relationship, and 3somes have been discussed between me and her in the past, but we are not there yet. OK, I also didn't push too hard.

But since some 2-3 years of so, we have my friend Andy over for extensive drinking every 2-3 months. So luckily for me, on most occasions when my friend is over, things happen like this:

We all get very drunk, with each 2 extra-strong Caipirinias (huge glasses, all pure Alcohol, no water, little ice). For my wife, weighing about half of me, this is already quite a bit.
Then follows dinner with wine (usually 2 bottles), and afterwards usually some more heavy drinking (Maotai, a Chinese alcohol).
At that time, she is so drunk she hardly is conscious, and at this point, the sexy talking would start. Actually, it gradually starts during the initial drinking in a steady way. She would french-kiss both of us, and would allow us to do pretty much anything we want with her. Andy would usually fumble or lick he p****, while I would deeply kiss her).

We either stay in the couch area or go to the bedroom, and Andy and I start to work on her. Usually we each come 1-2 times on her or in her, usually inside her mouth. She is conscious enough for me to see that she has real pleasure of being served by the 2 of us.

Another reason I know she secretly likes this experience is that lately, she would not wear underwear under her tight and flexible skirt, use perfume in her p****-area and at times, ever dress up quite daringly.

And, surprisingly, she is the one almost having no hangover the next day.

Our next meeting with Andy is planned in 10 days from now, and we both already look forward to a new adventure.

Vive le menage a trois!

Mar 29, 2017

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  • Part 2: After some time, we changed again, and this time my wife would blow Andy to paradise, and he would explode in her mouth, and she would readily swallow his juice.
    Almost at the same time I would e******** inside her p****.

    I would then tongue-kiss her mouth, and thus clean her of any remains of spilled sperm or remains in her mouth (yes: these 3some activities are showing me a slight "bi-side" in me...).
    My wife then continued to caress and even suck off Andy, but after such a session, and not being super-heroes, we couldn't come a 2nd time.

    My wife fell asleep, Andy went to the guest-room and I first took my medicine I needed and then also went to sleep.

    We were all quite drunk that night, but we also all had a blast. Literally.

    While I cannot address the issue of the 3some with her thereafter, I still feel that she is so into it, but somehow the shame-feeling that "this is not right" stops her from talking this events openly with me.
    I wished she would tell me that she loved it, then we can maybe repeat this next time with less alcohol. Even if she would clearly tell me that she is not comfortable with it, I would then stop it.

    What shall I do? Write her a long email and addressing the issue? Or let my friend Andy do this? Somehow I feel that it needs to be discussed, so that the matter is clear next time.

  • Hello guys..

    Part 1: Here is an update of my original post further up. As informed, we expected my friend Andy for Dinner and for a possible 3some, and that was to take place this past Saturday.

    And it all went to plan:
    Started with Caipi's in the sunny balcony, we continued with red wine during dinner (almost 2 bottles for the 3 of us), and we soon moved over to the 52% Chinese "Bai Jiu" liquor (remember that my wife is Chinese, so she is happy that we also like it and gladly joins). We all were quite drunk by then, more so my wife. And And and I made sure that her glass was always re-filled.

    Almost unable to stand (she), we moved to the couch-area, where we started to tease her, soon french kisses were given and happily accepted by her, from both of us. Minutes later her blouse had to go, and her pants/panties (she wore no bra that evening, which tells me that she was already prepared / ready for a sexual experience, such as we had in the past already).

    Andy would lick her p**** while I would massage her breast and kiss her intensely. When the noise level became too loud (her son was not too far in his room), we carried her to the bedroom. During the kissing/fumbling at the couch we gave her more Bai Jiu, until she was almost totally gone.
    In the bedroom we all got undressed (she was already), and started really to take care of her. Interestingly, and despite her drunken state, she was rather active, sucking Andys d*** like crazy while I f***** her hard. Not wanting to come early, we exchanged position, and Andy f***** her through the p**** at first, a*** later on. And it was my turn to get sucked.

  • Only I'm 17

  • I wish this could happen to me....

  • I have a fat 8in c*** and would love to f*** her

  • Hot!

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