Dav makes no sense, cupcake.

No impulse control would make such a sick and demented user would say that my writings and my stories forced someone to rape and murdered d, is just insane. a story is just a story. once a author has written it it can't make someone do bad things. no author can be accountable for what others do. yes I want revenge of honesty. I don't get you. I don't want to get you. a story is just scribble, a day dream a non polyanna vivid lucid dream or whatever. but don't you tell me what I am. I am still as rich inside and not bitter as you. I still can wear a crown and share em around. don't try to fool me or cut me out of what is mine and my share. you leave you garage at the your front door but not at mine. your a bad gut feeling.

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  • You are right there, dave is crazy and harmed a lot of people. he is a killer. and should be treated as such. I get sick of these bitter men who hate bitter women and go on like "oh she left it too late to have a baby or marry" but she was begging for years and these guys ignore and then its like the woman is so bad for being bitter but the men are thrice as bitter and aggressive and mean. my cousin will find women will cut him down and so will my other female cousin. we all meet a******* who act like dave.

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