What I Saw

I was at a Rest Stop when I noticed a young lady in her car. What made me notice her was because she was laying down in her car with her window down and her belly was at full exposure. Now this wasn’t your ordinary belly that is flat and sexy. This was a big monstrous belly. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I stood and took a double look to make sure I was seeing correctly. This lady whole bare naked belly was showing, not only was it showing but it was juggling around. People were starting to notice her. A cop happened to pull into the rest stop and a patron pointed the lady out to the cop. The cop went up to her car and said something to the lady. She began yelling. The cop asked the lady to step out of her car. When she did her belly was jiggling a lot. People around were really looking. I got a good look at those lady and her belly was so big and she had a big deep belly button with a ball of meat inside. For some reason this turned me on as this is not my type of chick. But what really turned me on was how mad she got at the cop because she proceeded to walk away from him. He grabbed her arm and she jerked it back which made her belly jiggle which turned me on. Then the cop wrestled her down to the ground which really made her fat belly jiggle. The cop then got her off of the ground and put her in the cruiser but she couldn’t fit normally so she kind of leaned in the back seat. Then I heard the cop say to her, “you fat bellied pig”. I felt my self getting wet in my underwear. I don’t know why seeing a fat jiggly belly excited me so much. I wanted to throw a marble inside of that deep belly button of hers. I wonder what did they do to her at the police station.

Apr 27, 2018

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  • Why is one arrested for jiggle belly? I don't understand. If I saw a jiggle belly then I saw a cop, why would I tell a cop to check out a jiggle belly?

  • The jiggle belly is lucky the cop didn’t shoot her.

  • The jiggle belly didn’t comply so the cop got her for resisting arrest.

  • This was the second in a row post about the button dude. If there could be humor it might be worth reading.

  • It's the belly fetish fellow ....... again.

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