I'm a satanist

I'm a satanist and I don't care what any of you Christian ass holes have to say. I love my father Satan Lucifer and always will so f*** you all and have a nice day.

Apr 7, 2017

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  • You are a typical Attention W****.

  • Sweetie, why are you a satanist? Wicca makes a lot more sense. You seem very angry...

  • I'm not the OP, but... Satan loves us as we are. He's fine with our "sins"; it's our nature, working as intended. Christianity is ridiculous. God makes us in his own image but we are full of sin? Please.

    Satan has only one requirement: Take responsibility for your own actions. Want to cheat that guy? OK, but don't complain if you get caught and punished; it's a "what goes around, comes around" kind of world. But he doesn't offer any bullshit moral rules that don't get enforced. (That doesn't mean we can't make them to please ourselves... just be clear _he_ didn't sign up to enforce them, unless he made a pact with you directly. And contrary to the old wive's tales, he doesn't make pacts very often, because 1) we don't have much he needs, and 2) we're his anyhow.

    Satan isn't the only power -- he's just the most important one. There are lots of other "demons"; I belong to Lilith, and through her, of course, to Satan.

    It's very freeing to be a Satanist. You don't have to pretend to yourself that you're somebody you're not. Love your wife but want to have group s**? Well, you'll have to see what you can work out, but there's no BS "I'm not a good person because I have 'L*** in my heart'". You're fine, l*** was a fundamental part of the plan, something you should enjoy. Satan doesn't guarantee you will get what you want -- but what you want IS ALWAYS FINE.

  • You’re full of BS, pedophile. Satan encourages you to molest children.

  • Satan's great. My wife is kind of frigid and I prayd (discretely) to him for more s**, and then got into a gay affair with the guy down the block. My wife thinks we're playing videogames together, and we do, just with a lot of f****** in-between. It's awesome!

  • I don't know about satan, but I agree with you about sin and Christianity.

  • All you satan worshiper love the king of lies and deceit. Willing to sell your souls and do his and his demons work for him. You lie like he does and say that JESUS and GOD do not exsisit. But you know he does and you can't do anything without his say so. You only live because he says so. When your burning in h*** next to your brother satirist, you may continue to curse him but remember this is what you asked for and this is what you got.

  • Sell? I give him my soul out of gratitude and love for all the lovely l*** and pleasure he gives to us.

  • I'm a Satanist too. Wishing you the blessings of damnation.

  • What exactly would those be?

  • External l***, s**, and all the other pleasures...

  • You won't love him when you're roasting in the lake of fire and you realize Satan utterly hates your guts and wants you to suffer forever. This is your inevitable future if you do not stray from your present course.

  • You don't love Lucifer you can't even begin to comprehend what devotion to the fallen star is. To love Lucifer is to hate yourself and all of mankind, if you truly follow Lucifer you vehemently hate all that is God and all that it inherently "good" you are still stuck in the ways of good and evil and you still care about what others think you don't love Lucifer you will never understand what it means to serve the prince of darkness.

  • You're a kook. I love Satan as the real god of gods. He likes the kinds of things all people really like: f****** girls and guys, getting high, smoking, hanging out and being friends. Christianity is such BS. If a friend wants to blow a load in my woman and she's willing, why should I have a problem with it? If smoking weed helps her enjoy s** more, how is that anything but a good thing? If I f*** her younger brother and she knows and is cool with it (he's way past 18), again, what exactly is the problem here?

  • That's silly. Satan just wants us to live happy, pleasurable lives without regret. That's a lot better than all the moaning in Church. I get that crap every week (almost) because my husband doesn't know.

  • Lol your belief system is a scam

  • Why'd you feel the need to say that? You're a f****** idiot!

  • Hey I'm yash from Goa I am in testing the full f*** like this p**** b**** in hot f***

  • Bwahahaha

  • "love"? LMAO.

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