Attracted to my sister in law

That am attracted to my sister in law who lives with us. She is the exact opposite of my wife and a home maker but not yet engaged or married. I look forward to seeing her everyday and just hear her voice. I enjoy undressing her with my eyes.
Of late this attraction has become sexual. I get aroused when I see her or hear her speaking. I fantasize make love to her or doing sexual things with her. Sometimes when having s** with my wife I imagine I am making love to my sister in law just to stay hard enough for the wife to come. After wards I master bate while thinking about my sister in law.
This attraction has been going on for 3 years now. It is easier for me to have a conversation with my sister in law than with my wife who is argumentative thankless and often rude to me.
The temptation is rising and am not sure how to manage it. Shall I hide it? Should I let her know how I feel? Should I ask her for s**? Should I force her to leave our home? How do I overcome this temptation?


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  • If it causes you a lot of stress, you could consider telling your wife about it, but you should know in advance that you may lose your marriage and any possibility of ever being with this sister in law. Sexual fantasies aren't shameful or anything, but they do have limits in the real world. Perhaps talk to a therapist if it becomes very stressful!

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  • I have wondered if giving birth feels like the death of the mother's sexual power with men, she transfers it on to her baby as a l*** desired object of beauty and power til she loses virginity and men are like the kiddy tub and potty the kids just s*** on ! if it turns you on then move on. this is the world now.

  • Well sounds like its about time mr tuckerbox should get some of his own cbt back at him. run late, play poor and he sexual with inappropriate staff after hours and blow bomb his old daughter's old car from her uni days. and please kick his ass back to better temptation like back to sals.

  • Leave her alone. If you try to pull moves on her or admit that you want to bone her, it is going to create a shitstorm within the family. It's a bad idea.

  • Well received. Thank you.

  • First butter up to your sil. Tell her about the problems you and your wife are having. Don't forget to compliment your sil every chance you get. Buy her little gifts and then just play it off like the gifts are nothing. Just simple tokens. After some time, then let her know you may have to ask your wife for a divorce. Let your sil know how much you may need her during this time. And then do it.

  • Tell how you feel and tell her not to feel bad

  • We have had an open chat. It was respectful. Thankfully she is seeing someone and carrying his child. They plan to wed soon.

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