House sitting

After graduating from college and living next to an older couple I was asked by the wife to help her move some remaining boxes from her apartment into her new home while she flew to meet her husband in LA
After moving most the heavier boxes I came across a small steel cabinet with a key dangling from it. In order to make it lighter I decided to take some items out. I came across a few 9mm tapes and decided to play them back at my place. I never imagined I would see anything like this. It was clearly a homemade s** tape of her in the sexiest lingerie welcoming a tall black guy into her house. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen.It was pretty obvious she was filming it for someone to watch it cause she would look and the camera and say is this what you love Mark? I decided to put in a few more tapes to see if they were the same and sure enoug. They were of her again in a different location welcoming another black guy into her house.Same result as first. There were at least 6 tapes that I watched and whoever this guy Mark was sure wasn't her husband Daniel.Im sorry to say this but I watched every tape and released myself to her over and over.It was so hard to face her the next time I saw her.Even though Dana was older, she had to be one of the hottest,most fit and sexiest ladies I had ever been around. To this day i wonder if Daniel has any idea who he married.It may have been in her past but what I saw in those tapes was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

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  • A good customer of mine needed to clean her parents home out to put it up for sale after they had both past. She instructed me to give anything of used to goodwill and just get rid of the rest. She had already gotten all the legal things and sentimental items out of the house before her mother died. Going through stacks of boxes in her father's office I found some full of pictures of her mother being f***** by different men . Her father sucking d**** with her mother. There were old 8mm films of them as well. It goes to show you never truly know someone, on the outside they were good church goers . behind closed doors they were kinky as h***!

  • I apartment and pet sat for my hot older sister years ago, and, as most people would, went through her dresser drawers. At first, nothing surprising, her thong panties, tiny bikini's she'd only wear if tanning alone, checkbook, etc. Then, I found a large folder of photos, all of her, either topless or naked, in all sorts of poses, many of which were very p***-like. Bent over a table, on some guy's Harley, couch shots, and a few of her deep-throating a baster. She'd obviously planned it, as was very makeupped, hair down and curled, long nails done up a sexy red (my favorite on her). There were over 100 pics in the folder.

    After going through all or most of them, I swiped 6 of my favorites for myself, figuring they wouldn't be missed. And they weren't. However, a few weeks later, she made me dinner as a thank you for apartment sitting and other stuff I'd done for her, and made joking mention about her drawers being a little messed up when she got home. Guess in my excitement over the photos, I forgot to clean up the drawer, leaving it as-is when I left that day.

    "I think the cat got into my drawer one night..Came home to it all messed up" she slyly said, tapping her fingers on my arm as we sat on the couch. "Must have like digging, too..I had some private stuff that looked opened up". I knew she knew, but was being nice and not saying, I know you found my photos and probably took some, but won't say anything about it. Few months later, I did tell her, yeah, I found the p*** pics and they were amazingly hot. She just smiled and said "I know you did".

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