Grandsons secret

This happened last summer. My wife’s eighteen year old grandson was starting college this fall and since his school is fairly close to where we live, he decided to stay with us for a week before he started classes. While staying with us he stayed in the spare bedroom. Too excited too see the grandson and forgot all about the VCR that was in the spare bedroom. The wife and I would sometimes go in there and watch an old movie or watch homemade p*** of ourselves to get us in the mood sometimes. Everything went along fine the first day, but when we got up on the second day he was blushing and wouldn’t look us in the eye. He had to run a few errands and while he was gone I had slipped into the spare bedroom to get something. It was when I saw the VCR that I remembered that we told him that the TV in the spare bedroom wasn’t hooked up to cable that he could watch an old movie or something. It was then that I remembered a few weeks earlier the wife and I were watching a homemade p*** movie of ourselves and forgot and left it in the VCR. When I went over to check it, I could tell that the movie had been watched, and it was one from twenty years ago doing a threesome with an old friend of mine that the grandson knew very well. After thinking about it, I wanted to have some fun and try something. I removed the tape from the VCR and opened the drawer under the TV where it belonged, that drawer has all of our p*** tapes mostly from years ago. But many with three or four men at a time and a couple of small gang bangs. The tapes were clearly labled, so I put a small piece of tape on each of them so I could tell if they have been opened, and left the drawer slightly ajar. I never went back in there until after he had left, though he was acting a little more normal after the first day, I figured he didn’t watch them.
When I opened up the drawer, I could tell they they all had been moved. Upon closer investigation I could tell that they had all been opened and probably watched. But when I looked down I noticed the bottom drawer had been opened also. When I opened it the video was half out, so I could tell it had been watched. That was a tape of me, the wife and a few of our male friends laying around nude, in the very bed that the grandson had been sleeping in, groping on her and eventually all f****** her while listening to her tell stories of some of the things she used to do when she was a prostitute. Which is something she done before she met me, and no one in the family knows about it. That knowledge must not have bothered him, because he asked if he could stay with us when he got out of school for Christmas week. Of course we told him yes. The wife doesn’t know he saw the tapes, nor will I tell her. That will be between me and her grandson.

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  • Make a new tape and leave it in the draw before he comes back at xmass

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