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When I first met my wife, she already had 2 daughters. One was quite young, but the other was in high school. She got p***** because I started seeing her mom and left to stay with a friend. Fast forward several years and now she is grown up. I used to think she was a b****, but now she is just f****** hot. I find myself flirting with her all the time. And now that she is mature, she flirts back. I think I want to f*** her, but I just cannot bring myself to do it. Some part of me thinks she is doing it just as a test or to still be a b****. We have been flirting now for over a year and I would not think she would keep it up for this long if it were a test. I am starting to think she really does want to have s** with me also. Her mom and I get along, but not great. So I would not be out anything if she found out and divorced me. I think it would actually cause more problems between mother and daughter. Should I go for it and act like a dog? Or should I tell her to get lost and stay with my wife?

Apr 14, 2017

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  • Go and f*** her like a b**** .. you will love her fresh p****

  • I have similar experience. If you're sincere and want some real advice, just post your email here as a reply to this comment and we'll talk.

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