Joe's mom

I have never told anyone about this but i ran into Joes sister the other day and it reminded me.
10 years ago when i was 17 my friend Joe and i snuck out, went to a party and snuck back in undetected by his mom and sister who had no idea i was staying over.
Joe snored like a freight train which was what woke me up that morning. Everyone had always bugged Joe about his mom who at the time was smokin hot with long dark hair, Great legs, An amazing ass, Beautiful hips and big b**** and i believe she was 35 at the time if i remember right but looked younger and had Joe and his sister both when she was young, Joe's dad had passed away from a sudden stroke 2 years earlier and although she got a big insurance payout due to accidental death she kept her job and although they had a pretty fancy house they never did live beyond their means.
She was absolutely the M.I.L.F. in the group and Joe got it from every angle and it was relentless about banging his mom and sister which no one did because it was his mom and his sister was too young, His sister was 14 and looked like a teen version of her mom with b**** that were way too big for her body which made her look kind of awkward but when the rest of her body caught up with her b**** and she did filled out...WOW.
Anyway...I woke up and laid there listening to what sounded like a chorus of a mixture of bugles and freight trains coming from Joe and laid there until i heard his moms alarm go off, Joe and his sister were old enough to be home alone and his mom sometimes worked Saturday mornings but was home by noon usually. I saw her light across the hall come on then heard the shower start and as i laid there on the floor i looked at her door which was only open about a foot but i saw her walk past headed to her ensuite.
I knew Joe was out and had no worries about him and his sister slept in the basement hiding from everyone even though she had a room right next to Joes. I slipped out of Joes room and stood in the hallway and could see into her bathroom, I just caught a glimpse of her stepping into the shower but couldn't see the shower from where i was so i stepped into her room. My heart was racing and i think i was actually sweating i was so excited as i snuck up to her bathroom door which she had left open and as i leaned past the doorway i could see the shower perfectly in the reflection of the huge wall mirror over the sinks and counter, She had clear glass shower doors and i could see her entire body and it was sooooo much more amazing than i had even imagined.
I was 17 so i already had wood probably for no reason but i think it was probably harder than i have ever seen it before or since, I stood there and stared at her as i watched her soap up her whole body, Her amazing, Beautiful body and then watched as she shaved her arm pits and then perfected her wide racing stripe of dark pubic hair, Even now the thought of her which i can picture perfectly is still the standard i judge girls against and have never seen one who matches up.
She was so sexy as she washed her hair i couldn't help it and whipped out my junk and within probably a minute frantically looked around grabbing a towel out of the hamper, I laid it on her dresser and stood there stroking it for probably another minute or so before almost blowing my load and just then she turned the shower off, I spun around and Joes sister was standing in the doorway watching me and as i made eye contact with her she gave me a look of disgust and whispered EEWWW and quickly walked away.
I snuck back to Joes room and laid on the floor realizing i had left her door open more than it was but just as i realized that she stepped out of the bathroom with just her towel wrapped around her then took it off and i could see her whole body again as she leaned over and wrapped it around her hair.
She opened her dresser and and pulled out some panties and left them on her dresser going into the bathroom returning with a bra, She walked around getting ready and as Joe slept about six feet from me i jerked off under my blankets. I jerked two loads in about ten minutes as i spied on her putting on lotion and getting dressed, She left for work and i never seen his sister before i left but she never brought it up in the 10 years since so neither did I.

Apr 18, 2017

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