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My wife is what i would call "vanilla" in the bedroom, Its always the same, Always her way and always quick.
Once a year i can count on decent s** (My birthday) and yesterday was it, I got home had my birthday supper played with the kids, Put them to bed and sat down to watch tv, My wife snuggled up to me which also usually only happens once a year and half way through the show she got up and went to the bedroom.
She returned as the show was finishing in a very sexy red outfit that accented her "Best assets" quite nicely and sat beside me, We snuggled up under a blanket and as i softly touched her where i could she slid her hand to my crotch, Unzipped my pants and pulled it out, She looked at me and said "Pay attention incase any kids wake up" and slid under the blanket.
A minute or two later she popped back up and tossed the blanket off leading me to the bedroom, We were just starting our usual routine which was a bit disappointing but then she flung her leg over my head, Rolled to her elbows and knees and stuck out her bum.
My wife is 37 and i think she is still one of the sexiest women i ever see, She has a perfect "Mom body", Nice legs, Round bum, I love her thighs, Jiggly b**** and a beautiful face. She has only once let me lick her bum hole in the shower and has only once let me put a finger in it for about 1 second but i took her cheeks in my hands, Squeezed them then spread her as i leaned in and started licking her v*****, After a few sneaky licks she put her shoulders down sticking her bum out further and i went for it.
After a few seconds i started rubbing it while i licked it and she reached under her pillow pulling out a new "Toy" i had never seen, She started working her c*** with it and i could feel it vibrating as i squeezed her ass, I slowly slid one finger in and she winced a bit then relaxed I went slow and made sure to keep it lubed and she really seemed to be getting into it so i knelt behind her and rubbed my tip on her perfect little bum hole.
I watched her face as i slowly put pressure on it and she was wincing a bit but i pressed a bit more and the tip slid in, Within about a minute and with a lot of work i finally had about half of it in and she tensed up a bit, reached back and grabbed the shaft saying "Stop, No deeper" then let go, I worked back and forth half way in her and i admit that i didn't last long but it was amazing, I could feel my come pumping into her and she was wincing with every stroke but relaxed as i went limp.
When i finally slipped out she rolled over and looked at me and said "Ok, Go shower...And scrub that thing", I went and showered and she joined me a minute or two later then after drying off and brushing my teeth she led me back to bed and said "Ok, My turn", She laid down on her back and spread her legs as i dove in and after only a minute or two more she whispered "please tell me you're hard...I need you in me".
I was happy to oblige and we finished together, As we laid there breathing heavy i asked "What was that?" She just shrugged and said "maybe a new birthday routine".
I can't wait for next year.

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  • Lol I enjoy s** sometimes. At the beginning of my relationship with my man, we were sexing it up 4x a day, almost everyday. 8 and a half years in, we're at it once every few weeks if that. But it isn't important to us, we're happy and comfortable in eachother's company. We're intimate in a non-sexual way and that suits us. But every is different - each to thy own.

  • This is great, but once a year? What the f*** is wrong with these women? And what's wrong with you men that don't demand decent s** all year long?

  • I assume you and your wife are shaped like normal humans. So how were you able to see her face while you were behind her f****** her doggie style in the bum?

  • Quite easily when she has her shoulders down on the bed do you think she buries her head in the mattress...She had her head turned to the side.
    Maybe you need a bit of practice?

  • Maybe a slight view from the side, but her head doesn't turn that much. I still think you full of s***, but whatever. And from your story, it sounds like you are the one who needs practice. Maybe then your wife would be more interested in having s** with you more than just once a year. Maybe she should come on over, I'll f*** her like a real man.

  • HAHA, Oh man you are such a d******. Have you ever had s** with a woman from behind? It is quite easy to see her face with it turned to the side you can watch every facial expression.

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