Circumcision fetish

This fetish of mine developed from experiences when I was younger, and has resulted now in a persistent circumcision fetish. I go wild over the idea of a hot women getting turned on by the act of circumcising a man or asking a guy to get circumcised in order to satisfy their sexual preference. It is the power dynamics involved - a man surrendering part of his pleasure to a women; a woman asserting her sexual desire over a man - that I find so sexy. I am by no means in support of RIC, I support Intactivists, and would never actually want to be circumcised (because of lose of sensitivity) but for some reason this idea of a hot women circumcising men or a hot women who prefers circumcised men, really turns me on.

I wonder if their are women who do get turned on by the thought of circumcising men or the idea of having a bf or husband get circumcised in order to conform to their sexual preference.

Apr 18, 2017

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  • I love such women. I want to meet one with a circumcision fetish. Please, write to me:
    I also got circumcised for my ex-girlfriend ...

  • Absolutely it is about power dynamics, surrender, discipline and commitment that is whats to like about it. For women that can get their husband onboard with getting circumcised it can be great, my husband did and he likes it.

  • I think a lot women have a circumcision fetish of sorts, and keep it well hidden, and under control, but act on it when they get a chance. They may have their sons circumcised, or advise friends to have their boys done, or persuade their husbands to get circ'ed, or help friends get their husbands or bf's circed. Some of them, as in the story below, give into the fetish fully, and these bear watching.

  • Nothing wrong with this. I am circumcised and love talking to woman about it.

  • My wife persuaded me to get circumcised and she loves the that I got it done for her. It's big turn on for her too. I'm really very happy with this husbands rite of passage, she should have asked me way sooner.

  • I hear you - same for me. Love women who love this.

  • My ex-girlfriend was like that. She was Chinese but grew up in the U.S. She was in her early 20s, and I was a middle aged (40s) Cauc., and had been widowed for two years when I met her. From the first time we were intimate she expressed disgust at my uncirc'd c***. She didn't like the way it looked or felt, even though I kept myself very clean. She told me I had to get circumcised or she was leaving. I was so h**** and infatuated with her that I agreed. She showed me a picture of how she wanted my c*** to look. She wanted a super tight circ with the frenulum totally removed. That's what I had, and she left me shortly after the surgery anyway. I found out later that I wasn't the first guy she'd persuaded to get cut. I regret it, because even though it's been almost a year since I was circ'd, the skin (what little is left) is still very tight and the overall sensitivity of my c*** is reduced drastically. I can't m********* without a lot of lube and it takes forever to come.

  • You're tight, dry, and smooth, and you last a long time. Women ought to like that! You should be able to replace your ex-girlfriend without too much trouble, and the best part is, you don't have to worry about her replacement trying to persuade you to get circumcised.

  • I've read several accounts of this or similar incidents. A woman gets your lizard skinned then leaves you and does it again with somebody else. It's a game

  • Get married first, then get circumcised. Agree to be circumcised AFTER you are married, and put it in writing if necessary, but get her tied down and committed first, before you get cut. You wound up thinking with the wrong head, and it got scalped.

  • If I were in this situation, I would definitely put it in writing, and I'd have a lawyer draw up a formal prenuptial agreement to make it airtight, so she couldn't try to wiggle out of it, or say I didn't keep my end of the bargain.

  • Sensible advise but one you've got her tied down and you are all married up its fairly reasonable and should be done if she prefers it.

  • Definitely! And have it done her way.

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