Can't stand them

I think she is a spoilt brat to be honest much like J-lo. I actually feel pity for these women like Angelia Jollie, they are such jokes of women. Jollie looks so ugly and haggard and unsexy, you get to see these freaks as the boy-dickets they truely are spoilt bratty and all need a good woopsi-daisy pole up their a****. I never liked Jollie as she looks like a steamroller without elegance of even perfume at least J-lo and Beyonce have perfume h***** to them while Jollie looks so old and I don't believe the story about her b******, if she ever goes topless on a talk show then I might. I just think these Jezabels drain the energy from others. spitting s***! old toads on bike-blokes. a toad bike. I can't belive I used to believe in them. that is the joke but I seen the light after a few youtubes of s****** truths in hollywood and so called princesses. and go see the diana morning after story about the media because all the other unknown women who did more for landmines etc and diana always stole the show as the commentator says "we hear all these stories about diana, the stories are larger then lie of the real company she was like" I am not a di hater or s****** hater or even a Jollie or J-lo or beyonce hater, I just don't see the quality in them like so many celebs today. quality is a thing of the past!

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