Sister in law.

Me and my sister in law used to have a great relationship, but it all fell apart when she told us she was pregnant a few months after our baby boy passed away.

I have to admit. There is a bit of jealousy. She has 4 kids, doesn't have to work, owns a home outside of the city. Has 3 vehicles, she's doing well. She's the baby of the family so of course she spoilt. Her parents take all 4 of her kids for full weekend and weeks at a time (I don't even remember the last time our oldest had a sleepover with the grandparents.)

She just rubs me the wrong way. Her boyfriend/babydaddy is an alcoholic idiot and she doesn't help anything when it comes to that because she ALWAYS has a beer in her hand as well. She could be in the city visiting her parents at 1030 in the morning and she'd be drinking.

She never used to be like that. We used to hangout, I'd drive out to her house and we'd just talk and do whatever. But after we lost our son I just couldn't bring myself to be around her and her kids. She's had no issue conceiving children and when we lost our son it was very difficult for us to conceive again.

I just..I don't know. I wish things were different. I wish I didn't have this out in my stomach everytime I hear her name or see her.

It's awful.

Jun 15

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  • Maybe your sister knows how to give great head and probably does a*** really nice as well. Men like this and this is why she is successful. Don’t be bitter, try and loosen up, you will have to sleep around more for experience it once you are there you will be successful too.

  • Truth is, she has done nothing wrong and so have you. It is very unfortunate that the circumstances have lead you to this. Take a break, maybe a long one, if her actions are triggering you, you dont need this now. You dont need to convince or think of the past with her, right now your hurting by her actions (even though she did nothing). Focus on your self, hang out with people you are comfortable, you are the most important person to your self. Do what helps you, not what hurts you.

  • My one sister in law is a fat, lazy, leftist pig. She is jealous and petty. Never married and wonders why guys just sleep with her as a 3am booty call. Her hygiene is questionable. She is also a cat lady and a mental case.

  • You have a clean heart, keep it clean. Despite your sorrow, Wish her good luck. You will be rewarded if you ask god for a reward. I am not religious but i believe in a supreme power that regulate this massive universe.

  • I'm sorry for the loss of the baby first and foremost. I read it as she can be very high spoiled maintenance. One must ask if they really want to be that involved to a person of that personalty type.

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