I would love it if a meteor decimated the entire Trump family

Seriously, if they all died, I would be very happy. I wouldn't even bother with the fake sympathy s*** like, "Oh, man, that's so tragic. How horrible." I would be like, "Hooray!!!! All those m************ are DEAD! Hit by a f****** meteor--how great is that?!"

Aug 28, 2020

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  • Sick person. Sounds to me like you are no different than him. But programmed to hate by the Democrats

  • Wow, seems someone prefers elderly abuse over competence

  • Yes,trump is a habitual liar,racist and crook! He has told over twenty thousand verified lies since he has been in office! He is mentally ill and does not deserve to be president! America will never be great again under him! Biden/Harris 2020!

  • You can't point to them. You drink too much Koolaid and believe the nonsense the mainstream media invents. Trump is certainly a narcissist, but less so than Obama was. I wouldn't want him as a friend or a neighbor but he was guiding the country in the right dirction before the COVID pandemic.

    As a serious question, what do you think that Biden will actually do that will improve things? How would he have handled the pandemic differently? Is it a problem for you that he (like all politicians) lies too?

  • If we can get the Clintons and Kardashians in the same building, I’m in!

  • Make America Great Again

  • Educate yourself you little whiner,QUIT watching ABC news BS

  • More triggered whining from the side who STILL hasn't stopped crying about Obama and Hillary...

  • You F****** Q

  • Triggered, little one? Have a cookie.

  • Great! Well that makes me feel a lot better about celebrating Elijah C****** and John Lewis now being wormfood; it’s nice to see how people on the left are entirely comfortable with their own violent ideation... maybe everyone else should follow their example and celebrate George Floyd making the world a better place after ODing on fentanyl!

  • Decimated?
    That's only one out of every ten. How about all of them

  • I dono know about the meteor thing but if wants to get re elected he need to pass this law no clothes to women

  • There are a lot of women you don't want to see naked. Imagine Hillary walking down the street with no clothes? Eww....

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