It just happend

When I turned 14 over the summer my b**** finally started comming in and by the time school started they were pretty big. About half way through the school year I was supper h**** I even stole my older sisters vibrator once she was 17 then. I met this guy at school I had a crush on him for a while his name was Jacob and one day after school I walked home with him and he just asked me if I wanted to have a little fun. Jokingly I said what type of fun? And then I looked down and I saw he had a huge Bonner and I was so overwhelmed. I just said yes and then we went over to the woods and went a little far in then he touched me. I just threw my stuff down and grabbed his c*** I had no idea what I was doing then he pulled my pants down then his after that I said should we do this? He said cmon we got this far then I just let him have me. After a few thrusts he put his d*** to my ass and put it in. I screamed so loud he put his hand over my mouth then he came. He let me go and then I felt it start to drip out. I was in so much shock from the whole experience that I didn't realize that he didn't have a condom on and that he was fingering me. I have never told anyone this ever I am now 16 and a lot more mature and would of never let someone do that to me I regret my actions but have learned from them. I wish I saved myself for when I was older like 18 but I didn't.

Apr 22, 2017

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  • Everyone has some regrets. The good thing is you are wiser for the experience, and you came out of it relatively unscathed.
    You can satisfy your horniness with a good vibrator now, and wait for s** with a guy you get to know well, who is responsible and who cares about you.

    The guy you mentioned in your first experience is a j***. A decent fellow will never try to give you surprise a***, especially without slowly relaxing your a*** with one finger, then two, then three, with lots of lube. And he will never do this unless you tell him you want to try it.

  • I agree with this person. You're young, your hormones are raging. Craving s** at this age is completely natural.
    Outside of the p*** industry, a*** isn't exactly popular, and for a good reason. It's not something a man can just do to a woman without her permission to try it, and of course, there's the process of loosening the woman to make her more comfortable.
    You've said it yourself, you've learned from past experiences, remember that when you find yourself in a position to have intercourse again. When two people make love, consent is everything

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