He doesn't even know

I went out of town with a girlfriend planning to share a hotel room and thanks to the wonderful people at best western ended up sharing a kingsized bed instead of two queens but whatever, We are both adults so no big deal. It was about the trip anyway not the hotel room for both of us.
Me and her went out and had an amazing day, A great supper and maybe more than a few drinks then went to our room and crawled into bed. We were both texting our husbands and she put her phone down, Said "good night" and i thought she went to sleep.
My husband and i were both being flirty and after a few minutes i facetimed him, We were whispering back and forth and eventually i gave him a couple peeks of what was under my pyjamas then he whispered "Do you miss this" and showed me his erection. Now i am not one to brag but my husband is big, like real big, Long and thick.
I bit my lip all sexy and whispered "MmmHmmm", I am 35, been married 14 years and still love to be playful. He messed around showing it to me a half dozen times then i told him to stop because i was starting to get h****. He laughed and we said our good byes and i hung up. As soon as i did my friend burst out laughing, I rolled over completely embarrassed and said "Oh my god...Youre still awake?", She laughed saying "I'm sorry". I was so embarrassed but we ended up giggling about it like a couple school girls and then i froze and said "were you looking?", she started laughing again and said "Sorry".
We talked for a bit more and i was not at all angry just embarrassed but then she said "i have to say...Holy s***", i covered my mouth with my hands and she said "No...Congrats...Good for you".
I think we pretty much giggled the night away talking about our husbands ... Junk and she was totally in awe plus i have a few pictures of it i showed her and sadly her husband is not a big guy and his package is comparable to his stature.
Oh well, She says he can still "get it done" so good for her.

Apr 25, 2017

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