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Ive liked this girl for a year now and she just started having feelings for me. i asked her out by setting my contact as "will you be my girlfriend?:)" on her phone and called her. i came around the corner and she said "yes!". i have never met anyone like her and love her so much. i went out with her last night and met her parents and i talked to her dad more than i talked to her. it was good. i needed to meet them to make this work. i'm so afraid i will show her how i actually feel and she will be scared. she is my favorite person in the world. she does not have the same amount of passion for me as i have for her. it may be that i just need someone to show my affection to or it may be i just love her that much. but i think about it all the time. i know it's going to happen. we won't stay together forever. i hate myself. i should have killed myself last year when i had the chance and wasn't afraid. i'm putting myself through all of this bullshit. i need her but she does not need me. when i think about her i get happy but i get sad because i want to be with her forever but i know it won't happen. i need someone to talk to. ugh i need help.

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  • This post started out really great and then it started getting a little depressing. First, this date sounds really great! You can't predict the future, so just enjoy your time with her and be patient. It sounds like it has some great potential let it develop naturally. And if it doesn't work out, that's okay. It will just mean she wasn't the one for you. Relationships are great, but you need to take care of you. Please go and talk to someone especially if you are depressed and feeling like hurting yourself.

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