I love my mothers feet.

I'm 22 years old at the time of me typing this.

I've always been attracted to my mother for as long as i could remember (mostly in a romantic way) but she's always treated me like another one of her sons (obviously) but it was around the age of 13 i noticed i began to develop a sexual love, not directly to my mother but to my mothers feet. I know it sounds very odd, strange even but whenever her bare feet where up i would always tend to look at them (she never noticed from what i remember), sometimes when she was out at work i would go to her room and take one of her socks to "" with them, i couldn't return them (for obvious reasons) so i always took others especially dirty ones, she would look all over the house for them but i would just hide them underneath carpets, in the very back of pantries, under my mattress, etc. when she would be done looking she would just buy more for herself which for me seemed like Christmas on a regular basis. she's 49 years old as of now and I still do the same thing when I can.

Recently on winter(christmas) breaks from college I would take candid photographs of my mothers feet and show them to my friends since they too have a similar appreciation for feet, I have just over a hundred photos of her feet on my computer and even have back up files encase something happens to the originals.

you can call me sick or twisted but i am what i am, it would be cool to hear other stories similar to mine or your own thoughts on my experiences.
thanks for reading my confession.

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  • Everyone has some kind of thing

  • I have always loved feet and I used to love it my ex used footjob me and I usedto c** straight away, the best o***** I used to get

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