Finally caught her

For years my wife has told me she doesn't play with herself which i didn't believe but she told me for so long that she never does it and i was starting to believe her until yesterday.
I have in the past tried to catch her when i knew she was at home alone and the kids were at school, If possible i would sneak home from work or fishing or where ever i was but had never even caught her doing anything i could have even questioned as a possibility that she might have been.
Yesterday i told her i was taking the bike out for a ride and after 15 min had a strange sound coming from the bike, I turned around and three blocks from home the motor started knocking so i stopped and left it on the side of the street and walked home.
I totally wasn't trying to catch her or even thinking about it. I walked in and closed the door and wasn't thinking about being quiet but as soon as i closed the door i noticed it was very quiet in the house and went to look for my wife. As i got closer to the bedroom door i could hear her vibrator that she claimed she was thinking about throwing out since she hadn't used in years.
I walked up to the door and there was my beautiful wife on her back, Knees spread with her feet together cupping one of her b**** rolling the nipple between her fingers as she rubbed her c*** and beautiful p**** with her vibrator.
She had her eyes closed and was rocking her hips. As i stood there her stomach started to flex and she moaned "F*** yes" three times. My wife never swears so it made it extra hot to hear her talk dirty, She tilted her head back and shut off the vibrator then slid it in her and worked it in and out three or four times while breathing heavy then pulled it out and arched her back stretching a bit then opened her eyes.
She let out a scream that would have had the neighbors calling the cops if they were home and scrambled to cover up with the blankets. I looked at her and said "Your morning is going better than mine" and walked away to the kitchen. She came out a few seconds later in her house coat with her face beet red and said "What are you doing here?", I explained and teased her a bit about watching her then called a buddy and borrowed his trailer.
I went to leave and kissed her then turned to her and said "Have fun", She threw a shoe at me and i ran out.
I know why she always lied about it but at least now i know she does.

May 11, 2017

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  • Interesting dont pay attention to the guys that post crap.

  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • They all do it any woman says that she doesn't m********* is a liar

  • Here we go again. No new confessions for weeks.

  • So what? Its her v***** and she can Jill off if she wants to. Whats the matter you a you afraid of your p****. You sound like a Puritan. I'd divorce your ass if you were my husband.

  • They don't understand that there's an aroma that also fills the room when they m*********, that's how I know when my wife gets off

  • Your such a stupid person and I want you dead

  • Stop deflecting :)

  • Like my wife. No libido. No interest in s**. Denies masturbation. Does it when she's alone. B****.

  • U suck

  • I bet you suck wood, all the time!

  • She's bored of your tired a***! Face it, she doesn't want to f*** you anymore. Move on and get over it

  • Stop swearing ya sucker

  • Sucker off you rimmer!

  • Why not leave her with her vibe and find a new woman ? if she throws shoes at you its domestic violence. your relationship sounds like a bitter broken tackless marriage, maybe its time to move on.

  • Throws shoes at him, what planet are you on?

  • It's ridiculous when women pretend they don't play with themselves.

  • It is ridiculous why some individuals pretend not to. I play with myself all the time and my partner knows about it. However, I think the op is tripping lol he only has an issue with his Mrs masturbating, because she'd rather pleasure herself, than f*** him :)

  • I wanna kill u

  • Before you attempt to, do it to yourself first :)

  • This is fakeass.

  • ... And I suppose you never fantasize about another man, a truly hung stud, when you are ... not masturbating ...'

    Play to the idea that she 'never lies' when she knows you mean the opposite.

    Oh, the teasing should be delicious!

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