I discovered my wife likes it big

A few years ago, my wife and I found ourselves in an intimate apparel store. In the back was a section of toys and I talked my wife into choosing a vibrator. Embarrassed and red-faced, she chose a small 4-5" pink vibrator which didn't do to her what I was hoping. The next one I bought was about 7" and she orgasmed with it a number of times, but it stopped working after a few uses. The one after that was about the same length, regular thickness at the insertion end but skinnier in the center. I could tell immediately that she wasn't into it. I ended up getting another, the largest one yet. It's insertable to 7.5 inches and perhaps twice as thick as my p**** at the hilt which is the thickest part. I used it a few times and it seemed she liked it, but last night she actually asked me to go get it just before we started. This was unexpected and totally turned me on. I grabbed it and inserted it immediately and started working it in and out, and mostly just kissed her while doing it. After a few minutes, she was kissing me passionately and her hips started bucking and I could tell she was about ready. Then she hit me with it..."it feels soooooo good!" she said. Wow, I thought I'd c** right then and there. I didn't, but she did and it took a while before it was over. I'm certain now she likes this d****, a lot, and it's my favorite toy so far. I'm hoping she asks for it again tonight. It's an incredible turn-on for her to tell me what she wants and what she likes.

Sep 10, 2020

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  • Time to find a hung guy for her to play with!!!

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