My wife lost her virginity to a n*****, she was 15 he was 19, she was in love with him and did any thing he wanted. He loved f****** and f***** her a lot. When I am around her mother she all ways brings up that my wife's first boy friend was black



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  • I’d rather see my wife f*** a dog than a dindo nagger.

  • I lost my virginity to 10 black men on my 9th birthday. I wasn't forced at all. I wanted it. It was the best night of my life.

  • Damn niggres f*****' our whyt women. I ought lynch them f****** and parade their heads! Yeeehaww! I love apple pie, hamburgers, and guns! I come from the mighty state of South Carolina! Yeehaw! I own an underground slaver corporation, run by chinks and gooks! Yeehaw!

  • Only white trash whores f*** that type

  • Yeah! F*** negros! I looove to kill 'em! Hahahahhahahahahahaha! Yeehaw! Yeehaw! Gotta go, my crops need tending too! And when I say crops, I mean slaves! Ahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeehaw!

  • Look she is doing you now, or is she?

  • N****** f****** white women says a lot about the white woman, Nothing good. Race traitors.

  • My wife and I (we are white) were at a restaurant one day when some huge black guy came by and said to my wife, "Hey! How are you? I haven't seen you in a while." When they were done exchanging pleasantries, I asked my wife who the heck that dude was. She said it was a former bf from years ago. I said, "WTF? Why didn't you tell me you dated a black guy?" She said it was no big deal.

    I started asking the usual questions: how big was his d***, did she have her best o****** with him, did she ever f*** any of his friends, was he better than me, etc. My wife started getting upset, but s***, this is stuff that a husband needs to know.

  • You don't need to know any of it. And take my word for it: you don't WANT to know any of it.

  • Black guys are just better. I had my first at a party that my friend (also a white woman) took me to. I was engaged to a white guy at the time, but we hooked up with a couple of guys and f***** them. To this day, I'd never had an experience remotely that hot--they turned us inside out on their d****. And yes, I did get married to that white guy and I've been faithful ever since. But, oh, the memories.

  • Only trash whores do this, thank you for being honest and proving my case.

  • The black dongs are bigger and for some reason fit nicely in preteen white girls mouths

  • LOL! Too funny! Too true!

  • What a disgusting cuckold you are. She slept with a dumb worthless nignog and "loved" him, yet you still married her. F****** die.

  • Bless your ignorant and foolish mindset.

  • My wife and both of my daughters are black c*** lovers.

  • And you’re a worthless piece of white trash. Apparently, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Congrats on having such low self esteem that you allow this to happen (if it’s true.)

  • Race is irrelevent

  • ........said the small-d*** white male......

  • My wife (white) likes black guys too. She's never admitted to f****** one, but I know she thinks about it all of the time. She's always making side comments about how attractive they are. Her best friend is married to a black guy, and I'm always uptight when she goes over to their house. I don't have proof, but I think there is some s*** that might be going on behind my back.

  • I have never done anything sexual with my daughter but we are a very open family. We have discussed anything and everything with our kids, including s**. My wife has had black boyfriends and my daughter eventually told us that she lost her cherry to a black guy.

  • You must be sooo proud......

  • She lost it to a person, race is irrelevant.

  • It's only irrelevant to the inferior party.

  • Do not let your jealousy make you a racist. A man is a man and you are just as racist as your mother-in-law. Plus you are probably a kid or at least an immature young man making things up to get the attention he cannot get in real life where he has nothing to say of interest.

  • Well said :)

  • If mom let your wife date a black stud as a 15 year old, she was quite lucky. I dated many black studs without my parents knowing. My husband is white a fairly gifted, but no man f**** better then black studs.

  • Stereotypical garbage

  • ^She^ is so correct. Nobody f**** you better than a black man. So sorry OP: your wife will eventually return to her roots.

  • Foolish tripe

  • First, let me say that any mother who would let their 15 year old daughter date a 19 year old boy (man) is touched in the head. My guess is that the mom was single, h**** and wanted to get in bed with the guy herself. She is rubbing your face in it because she's probably still carrying around that fantasy and enjoys thinking about it when she's having fun with herself.

    To address the posters who say that black men are more hung and better in bed: I am white and have been blessed with a thick 8 inch love muscle. I had a serious relationship with a white woman a long time ago. She was 22 and had dated black men exclusively since she became sexually active at 17. Size wasn't an issue with us but she did tell me that black men only wanted to f, not make love. She said it was great when she wanted to get thrown down on the bed and ridden hard, but when she wanted to make love they were out the door. I have also dated a few black women who have confirmed that. One told me that the reason black guys leave their socks on during s** is so they can get out of there faster once they've

  • As far as good f****, my wife has had some black c*** , and several white ones, and says close your eyes, no difference, s** is good !

  • The race of a person someone has s** with, is irrelevant. That person's race doesn't determine their skillset/lovemaking skills. Anyone that thinks otherwise are stereotypical and full of tripe :)

  • If her mother is saying that sort of thing to you, then she's also encouraging your wife to cheat with black meat. It's not just in the past: it's still happening right now for her. Pack up and leave: it's not going to get any better for you.

  • I watched my wife f*** a black guy. He had a huge c*** and I had never seen her act as sexy and have as many o****** as she had with him. When he said he was getting ready to c** she told him to c** inside her and that she wanted to carry his baby. He pumped so much c** into her that it was dripping out of her p**** as he shoved his c*** into her to pump more c** in her. It was amazing to watch and never knew my wife could be that turned on. When he got off of her he told me that if I did not want my white wife to have a black baby I had better suck his c** out of her p****. I would have done it anyway but I got between her legs and couldn't believe how stretched out her p**** was and how much c** was inside her. She did not let me f*** her again until after her period because if she was pregnant she wanted to know whether she was pregnant for him. We wanted kids at the time and I was actually disappointed that she was not pregnant for him.

  • Many white whores who have cheated don't wait to have s** and hope her cheating isn't found out. Many of those lying skanks will swear she never cheated even when popping out the black baby in the delivery room, or claim she must have been raped.

  • Beyond pathetic

  • I wouldn't worry too much about your wife's history if you are a good financial provider. She's not going to leave you, if that's the case. But you should be concerned a little, because you likely don't measure up in the sack to her black ex-bf. Without a doubt her lower, white lady lips still probably crave a thick, black pole that is as thick as your wrist. It was her first, so that is how she was conditioned.

    It's weird that her mother always talks about it. Does she like getting hammered by black poles too?

  • All black guys like f****** and seeding white girls. All of them.

  • All men like seeding women, my wife before we were married did both black and white all bareback and since we have been married has bf who does her bareback.

  • Why don’t you just put one round in the chamber and give it a spin?? What you and your ‘wife’ are doing is no different.

  • Do you know "all" men that are black on earth? No, you don't! So s*** your claptrap!

  • ^he^ is totally right. They even have breeding parties, where they invite young white girls who have never had babies, and they knock them all up. All of them. Their goal is to dilute the white race.......and then eliminate it altogether. "White wombs, black babies".

  • You're both inaccurate and stupid!

  • She's a dirty n***** f****** w****.

  • Racist and a degenerate, lovely combination.

  • #fakefuckingnews

  • Of course she is and most likely mom is too; I don't blame them. I love black men - besides the size difference they have such confidence that is so sexy and is hypnotic allowing to get away and do things no other man would even try

  • I’ll bet you are easily distracted by shiny objects.

  • Yes. of course she is. and that is a totally beautiful thing. so the question is whether or not the OP has the strength to support and love her, and still allow her to date black men.......and have their babies. its what she wants. its what her mother wants for her. and I think if the OP examines his heart he'll realize that its actually what HE want for her as well.

  • Move on stupid ass people, this confession is a joke and so are the rest of you, that believe this s***!!!!!!!!!!

  • May a thousand nigg3rs fu3k your wife!

  • You mean individuals

  • So she likes a black c***, what's your problem, my wife f***** a few black men before we met. I find it very sexy thinking of a black c*** being in her c*** as I f*** her

  • Well to began with there was more than a few and there's been more than a few since we got married, I like to watch and she likes being used.

  • Does it bother you that your wife had s** with a black man? If so why?

  • No it doesn't bother me, what bothers me is the mon in law. I use the term n***** because it makes it dirtier, nastier, and the wife likes it that way. Dear old mon would crap her pants if she knew how many black c**** have been in her sweet little girl.

  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • The "N" is offensive and an unpolitical incorrect term to you. Because you've used it freely, I'm assuming you are from the U.S

  • May a thousand nigg3rs fu3k your wife & mother!

  • My wife would actually love that!

  • Yeah, right!

  • F*** you, you filthy f****** shitsack.

  • Stop referring to yourself!

  • Okay, so I'll refer to you now, you f****** shitsack.

  • Still referring to yourself!

  • #fakedicks

  • Stop being an ignorant racist arsehole!

  • Why don't YOU stop being a raging f*****?

  • Ask yourself, why you're.

  • Race is irrelevant. Some people think black lovers are different from other racial lovers. It's generalisations and stereotypes like that, that highlight some people's stupidity! A lover is a lover, regardless of race!

    The race of a lover doesn't determine a person's bedroom skills and techniques. To assume otherwise, is f****** stupid

  • I loved your perspective, and hearing about your situation and how you cope with it, and I would have given it a "like", but I didn't care for your use of the n-word. If it weren't for that, I'd like it a lot.

  • I didn't like the racist term and stereotypical views, either!

  • Nobody cares what you like. Why? Because you're a raging f*****.

  • You're one person and don't account for the majority of people on this website. So don't speak on behalf of everyone, only on behalf of yourself you degenerate!

  • Only a raging f***** would make an observation like that.

  • Only an intellectual and astute person would, actually!

  • Eventually she's going to leave you for a black man. She's not going to "get over" having been a toy to a black lover, who taught her the ropes. Prepare yourself: she went black before, and she's going back again.

  • Yet again, stereotypical! When will people learn?!

    Just because a guy is black, does that mean his d*** is bigger than any males that are different races?

    Just because a person is black, does that mean they're good singers and dancers? Or good track and field stars?

    Do you comprehend my point?

    Stop being walking and talking stereotypes,

  • I agree with you , a c*** is a c*** wether it back or white, all that matters that you know how to use it.

  • Yes, it means ALL of those things. I'm a white woman who has been with all races of men, and blacks are better hung and better lovers and they c** much more than the others. You've been very sheltered, dear.

  • I'm neither stereotypical, ignorant and sheltered. Unfortunately and not surprisingly, you're. It's apparent, within your stupid ass comment!

  • Another thing you're not: smart. Another thing you are: f*****.

  • You're that degenerate who refers to people as retards and crossdressers! I knew it was you! You're a joke, man!

  • You really have no idea what you're talking about. You may as well be discussing vascular surgery or string theory.

  • Fortunately, I do. Unlike yourself :-)
    When you've experienced life and broadened your horizons, then your words would take precedence. But you don't seem like you have, due to your utter rubbish.

    So, sling your hook!

    When will idiots like you learn?!

  • Anyone who thinks that race doesn't matter, or that blacks aren't better by FAR, is kidding themselves. And they are probably married to a woman who is cheating on them with black men.

  • You're foolish!

    I wouldn't be surprised, if you was from a redneck, backwards state in America!

  • You all are a bunch of racist asshats. Black does not make you a better lover, dancer, or mean you have a bigger c***. Neither does being white. Why are people so f****** stupid.

  • There's more races besides black and white!

  • My point exactly, that's what I stated!

    Those that think a person's attributes, are determined by their racial ethnicity - are f****** degenerates and that's putting it nicely!

    What sort of stupid f******, base a person's bedroom skills and tool sizes on race?!

  • What sort writes smug, snide, superior bullshit on a website? I'll tell you. A f*****.

  • Ask yourself who does - you crossdressing, crybaby, r***** commentator! You're that person who always refers to everyone, as the above!

  • They aren't. You are. Blacks are better. I know. You don't.

  • You're Idiotic!

  • UR H***.

  • Stop referring to yourself, in a negative manner. It's not an attractive personal quality!

  • I was referring to you, you raging f*****.

  • You was referring to yourself and no one else! Stop deflecting your negative emotions about yourself, onto others!

  • I'm only deflecting my negative emotions about YOU onto YOU, you raging f*****!

  • You're definitely deflecting! Psychology 101

  • All I can tell you people is that black men are SUPER f****** hung!!!

  • Some men are, regardless of race.

  • Yes, not only are they hung like horses, but they f*** like wild animals, and they c** like fire hoses. I really love them all.

  • No man regardless of race are hung like horses! Stop exaggerating!

  • Agreed. I love them, too.

  • Foolish

  • Big black d**** rule

  • I can't get what I need at home, so I cheat. And I always cheat with black men. Why? Because they are the only ones who can give me what I need. If I could get that at home, I wouldn't have to cheat.

  • Wishful thinking, you fakeass douchebag!

  • No, it's reality, you actual f*****!

  • Nope, it's wishful thinking!

  • Nope, it's you, being a raging f*****.

  • Nope, still wishful thinking!

  • You know what they say...... Once you go black, you never go back..... Because no white man will have your nasty ass back!

  • Full of tripe

  • I like the fact that my wife had a lot of black men before. There's a lot of men that like to or want to watch their wife f** & suk off black men that would be happy to have "your nasty ass".

  • I've heard that stereotype numerous times and no I don't believe it. It's psychological, you fool!

  • It's not psychological, you raging f*****!

  • It is :)

  • It is faggotry, you raging f*****.

  • ^r*****^

  • Right back at you, degenerate :-)

  • And right back at YOU, f***** :-)

  • Right back at you again! (:

  • F*****. F*****!!

  • Ditto :)

  • Miserable shitsack m***********

  • Sounds like that to me too. your f*****

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