Fat Shaming and Punishment

One day I was out walking around and as I usually do I had on a shirt that was way to small and some jogging pants. The shirt was so tight it rolled all the way exposing my entire belly. As I continued on my stroll a police office pulled over and asked me where I was going. I told him I was going for a walk. He said ok. He said aren't you embarrassed to have your stomach out like that. I said I don't want my stomach out but my shirt won't stay down. He said I should invest in some bigger shirts. I said ok. So in the midst of this my boyfriend and his friends pulled up behind the officer. My boyfriend asked what was the problem. The officer told him he was talking to me. The officer said we were done with the conversation and told us to have a good day. My boyfriend looked at me and asked me why I'm the h*** oa my fat ass belly out in the public. His friends were looking at him get mad. He made me get in the car and we went home. When we got home he invited his friends to stay because he needed their "help". They said ok. We got in the living room and we went to sit down, my boyfriend told me not to sit down, he told me to stand up in front of them and tell them what I was doing. I tried to pull my shirt down before talking to them and it would not stay down. My boyfriend said to me, you fat pig your shirt can't stay down over your fat ass belly. He told me to pull my shirt down now or else he would beat it down. I tried pulling it down again but my shirt didn't stay down. My boyfriend put me in a lock and put me on the floor. He told his friends to get up and help him. He told them to smack my belly as hard as they can. They began smacking me so hard making my belly shake. Then someone started punching my belly hard. I asked them to stop and I tried getting up but I couldn't. They just kept smacking and punching me. My boyfriend said that I must like the attention to be walking around showing all my fat to strangers. He made his friends stop smacking and punching me. He told his friends to hold me down really tight so I couldn't move. He then told me that he was going to show me a lesson, he bit down on my belly button and started pulling the skin so hard I cried. I begged him to stop. He let go and smacked my belly again and told me he would not stop, he bit down on my belly button again and held tight, I screamed and cried. He let go and said did you learn your lesson, I said yes. He bit down and started a chewing motion on my belly button and I hollered and screamed and begged for forgiveness. He let go and took his fingers and squeezed my belly button as hard as he could and I continued to cry. He then let me up and told me that if I he saw my fat ass belly again he would f*** me up worse than he just did. I said ok. He told me to sit down.

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  • How stupid are you people? This is one of the two or three devoted belly fetishists on this site stepping up their game. It's lame as f***, but at least it isn't more coy "uh haha ok so i like bellies am i weird?" bullshit.

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  • What the f*** did I just read? I am astonished. Why the f*** am I still single, yet pieces of human trash like this can somehow manage to get a girlfriend.

    Now I remember why I'm suicidal.

  • Sweetie listen to me, don't walk but RUN away from this situation. There is a better life for you just courage up and take the first step out the door.

  • Your boyfriend sounds like someone I knew in the past who was real sadistic. Question, how does he bite your navel, is it an outie? If it is then you deserve to have it bitten it because no one wants to see a big nasty navel on a fat belly out in the world.

  • Yes it is an outie, but why would I need to have it bittten off because no one likes it. I like me for me big gut and all

  • If you have the sense to like and love yourself, why don't you have any sense, when it comes to the type of men you date?
    Your boyfriend is clearly abusive and a d***, so why do you put up with him?

    If you like yourself like you stated, then you should like yourself enough to dump his ass!

  • You are correct I should dump him and not put up with his ass. I have thought about it but this is confirmation for me to do it. Thanks for the advice

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