Good men and not good men

Real men aren't that physically attractive, but they can become great friends and life partners. Guys with six pack abs don't stabilize any relationship. As far as I've realized, they tend to take advantage of their physical attraction to sleep with anyone. I'd personally rejected them from my mind and heart. In fact, their presence means nothing to me anymore. Every time I see "hot" guys (according to what society labels), I tend to think of them as "normal" human beings without any specialties. In fact they don't attract me at all.

How don't know how people do it, but I just can't seem to come across with their mentality.

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  • You're ignorant, shallow and small minded, if you solely believe the s*** you've spewed!

  • Wow, babe... projection much? All you did there was parrot back OP's opinion like a little kid doing the "you're rubber and I'm glue" routine. Sounds like you're feeling guilty and inferior over their being right. Why don't you try developing an actual personality and quit assuming you're entitled to all the things because you're good-looking? You can't because you don't have the strength. There is a reason stereotypes exist. Now go enjoy what time you have left before your looks start fading and/or the younger, prettier crop starts invading your turf. Tick tock...

  • ^Uh-oh... self-absorbed gym rat is triggered by the truth! You must be a dude, otherwise you'd have used the word "jealous" and stuck a cute little smiley face emoji on the end of your bitter comment, like this :)

  • I don't really buy this. I know plenty of attractive people who are nice, kind, committed people and good friends.

  • Because you have something they want. If you didn't, you wouldn't even be noticed. Sorry to tell you, but obviously nobody has until now.

  • Same here, I think the op is and ignorant pig!

  • Im sure having long converstions with you is just riviting.....would you call yourself a hottie?

  • I feel the same way about women. Good women are not shaped like barbie dolls. Usually the ones who are hot are so full of themselves I can't stand to be around them. Women who are more physically average tend to be way better mates or friends. And in my experience, they are also way better lovers. Confidence is great, but not when it eclipses your empathy.

  • A-freakin'-men!

  • See beyond a person's physicality and judge people on how they treat others, instead.

    A man is more than their gender and so is a woman. You get good, bad and evil individuals, regardless of gender.

  • Amen!

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