She surprised me

The night before our wedding my wife and I went out for a walk, We were getting married at a resort by the lake and it was early fall so it was nice and warm, We walked by the lake and had quickie down by the water etc. On our way back we walked by the cabing her siser was staying in which was right next to ours, We heard giggling and looked at each other, We had been sipping on drinks while we walked and were feeling good, She surprised me by stopping, Looking at me then looking at the window and saying "Should we?" I looked at her and whipered "F*** yeah", she playfully slapped my arm and we walked quietly on the grass up to the window, From about 6 feet back we were able to see in the window which hey had left open because it faces the forest so they probably weren't expecting anyoe to be out there at 1:00 am.
My wife is the baby of the family at 21 and her sister is the oldest of 3, They have the same dad but different moms and her sister was the oldest from her dad's first marriage, The two couldn't be more different but love each other to death, My wife is 5'9" and busty, Her sister is barely over 5' and...Not busty but a very pretty woman for 37 although she has had 3 kids and whatever she still looks alright. My wife leaned over and peeked in and looked at me wide eyed and I couldn't resist, I leaned over and looked and her sister was sitting on the edge of the bed, Her husband who was one of my groomsmen standing in front of her and we were both in awe.
Frickin dude has a huge d***, Her sister was sitting there stroking it looking up at him and her hand looked tiny, He has to be 8" and frickin thick, I have a decent one but he made me feel like I was 13 in the highschool change room again. I was trying to feel my wife up and she kept pushing me away and then whisperd "Stop it, We ARE NOT doing that". So we stood there and watched her sister until she took her top off, She has small saggy b****, Like real small, and real saggy and she was sucking his d***, Like sucking basically the k*** and a 1/4 of his d*** and then pushed him back, Stood up and he pulled her panties down and that was when my wife pulled me away.
We went back to our cabin and there was an awkward moment before I said "Jesus christ, Did you know his d*** was that big?", She laughed at me and said "Well..", I said Well what?", She said "Ok, Don't judge me but....I spied on him a couple times when I lived with them", She lived with them from 14-18 and then went away to college and I was like "WhaaaaaaaT?" she said "Oh whatever, It was just teenage curiosity and whatever", I pushed her to tell me and she said that when her sister wasn't home she would sometimes spy on him because they had a sliding door on their attached bathroom so she could hear when he was in the shower and I know for a fact that the doors are clear glass.
So I pushed her for more details and she said "Ok, Ok, I's not like it was every time but from time to time I would take a peek", Being I am a guy and I know what guys do in the shower I asked if she ever watched that and she just scoffed and said "Well...Only...Maybe...Every time" and then laughed, She went o to tell me she would stand in their bedroom and watch him get out of the shower and towel off and wander around the bathroom/Closet and then sneak back out, I asked if she ever got excited watching and she said "Well, That's kind of the point", So I said "Ok, So let me get this straight...You would watch him j*** in the shower then towel off and then you would go to your room and....?" and then she blew my mind and said "well...Somethimes I didn't wait to go to my room", I siad "For serious?, You rubbed one out WHILE watching him?", She shrugged and said "Ususally", I laughed and she said "Shut up, It was just a supid teenage crush" and I was like "Whoa, Wait...A crush?", She nodded and blushed and I said "So...What else did you do?", She said "Shut up...He's my sisters husband...THAT never happened". We continued talking and it turned out she spent a lot of time when she was younger sort of infatuated with him.
Not that I really care but it kind of adds a new dimesion to the way I see her when I see her look at him.

Jan 23

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  • Every woman dreams of a c*** that is so big it hurts and feels like it is going to tear you apart.

    She wants him and I’m sure she will find a way to learn what it feels to have him inside of her. Once she does she will for ever crave it.

    I know. I’ve been ruined by a man with girth. My hubby is 8 inched and I love him but once I experienced girth from our neighbor’s college aged son I was ruined

  • I am sure she f***** him but just didn't tell you. He probably f***** her every chance he got, her being so young and all. I just hope they were not still f****** in the days leading up to your wedding or even on the day of your wedding. Some girls just need a really big d*** to please themselves. She may need his d*** even after your wedding if yours does not fill her c***. That is nothing to be upset about. You want her to be happy, don't you?

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