All about LIES.

I'm Confessing that its has been a while now that I've noticed every little thing that i do i tend to lie or end stressing the truth about. I've been living life dealing with these sorts of predicaments since when i was about 13-til now, as an liar. I only lie because i either don't want to be in the mix of a argument with my parents or making anyone upset. This goes for my friends also. I tend to do this sort of thing because i realize that i can't always handle the pressure or the negative feedback/reaction people tend to return. Me in particular, has anger problems and when under sorts of pressure lack confidence to just talk something over. So i then resort to cursing or violence depending on the situation. I just want to feel as if i can live freely and truthfully. Lying really make me feel good for the meantime just because I'm getting away with something but at the end, when everything is said and done. My conscious tells me that I've done a bad thing and that i can't always live this way. I seriously need help or a way to cope with just busting out the straight truth to people and accept that if I'm doing something wrong i either have to fix it in the future or deal with the consequences.

Jul 11, 2011

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