Still don't know what happened

This isn't the place to really say things like this and if people don't find this interesting, so be it. I needed to get this out and that's all that matters.

Now about 2008 (I was about 7 at the time) I lived near a tiny town along the coast of Oregon. I lived in the forest area a little outside of the town and I loved it. 2 acres of land and trees everywhere. I loved to run around outside but I never felt.. Comfortable. I always felt paranoid and what not but my family always blew it off. I was always "imagining" people around the backyard. (I told my therapist a year ago about this and she almost got me tested for being a schizophrenic like whoa there) but I was always into aliens or conspiracy theories thanks to my grandmother who humored me by buying me books and letting me watch the twilight zone or the x-files. Anyways. This is when it got weird. One night I woke up in the middle of a storm and my bed faces a large window. The wind was blowing pretty hard so I rolled over to face the wall and listen to it, which about 15 minutes later stopped ubruptly. I found it strange but knowing Oregon weather I didn't think much of it. Till the light showed up. As if someone switched on my bedroom light that was as bright as the sun and blue hung outside of my window and this god aweful electrical hum that shook the entire house. It sounded like a transformer was exploding right outside of my window where it made my night light dim with the pitch of the hum. You bet your ass I flew out of that bedroom into the livingroom screaming for my mom and all of the living room lights were dimming. The next day I went outside to realize my window faces the driveway and there was nothing to give off that light. Bringing it up now, my family doesn't remember much of that noght including heading back to bed... At that time I would always kid and be like "WE WERE ABDUCTED I HAVE ALIEN FRIENDS I CAN BE THE COOLEST KID IN SCHOOL" But the kids only picked on me calling me crazy and a liar because there couldn't have been electricity outside of my house. And to this day sitting on my couch in the exact home this happened in, it still scares me that I have absolutely no f****** idea what happened that night.

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  • Seriously no idea? It's called a dream.

  • I always considered it could have been a dream but my family remembers the light and the house dimming. So I mean it still could have been a dream but if it was why does my family remember?

  • You say it yourself that your family doesn't remember much. Post-event recall of mysterious experiences are more often than not manufactured. It's like when you wake up from a very lucid dream and you try to recall it. The longer the duration from the dream the more you "back-fill" the story with a coherent narrative. If you could actually have total recall of your dreams they'd be utterly incoherent. Now, add some lights (could be ball lighting or sewer gas lights, or dozens of other things), it's night time, you're nearly asleep, etc., and I'm not surprised by people claiming to see things. There are good reasons why people rarely report strange things like this in the daytime. The human imagination is most powerful at night.

  • In August '97 I was traveling in Oregon (near Astoria) and saw a 200 foot silver disc hovering above the trees near Astoria, Oregon. It was in broad daylight. I didn't have a cell phone or camera with me at the time to take pics. It was completely silent. It was definitely a UFO. Without a doubt, this s*** is real.

  • Do you think they are good or bad?

  • Afterwards nothing really changed for me so I believe they didn't do anything serious.. I think they're good but I still get anxious thinking about what I don't remember because what if they were bad?

  • Why does something hide things from you and the rest of the universe; because they have something to hide! The question is what?

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