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Over a month ago while on a vacation with my family and another family we are close with i made a mistake, A huge, stupid mistake.
The other family we spend a lot of time with has a son three months younger than me and and our parents are best friends so we obviously spend a lot of time together and have since birth pretty much, We had always been cool with each other with more of a friendship than anything and i know i was the one who proposed it but we had s**.
It was just quick while everyone else was gone and i thought i made it clear that there was no intention of ANYTHING after. Yes It was good, Yes i got off, Yes i know you got off, No i don't want to date, No i don't want to do it again and if i ever do, It wont be because you ask every time i see you.
The whole thing was supposed to be a quick, Risky, Fun experience but now it is ruined. The memory would be so much better and actually might make me want it again if he just shut up about it and not whip out his p**** every time we are alone. He has ruined our friendship and any chance he ever had of getting it again.
I have told him countless times that if he ever wanted it to happen not to bring it up and i have resorted to telling him point blank that it will never happen again no matter what but it makes me sad that he couldn't handle just a no strings attached quicky like a grown up.

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  • I did this with my first cousin. Now shes in love with my 8 inch b**** and wont atop asking for more.

  • I'm sorry you had that happen to you. It shouldn't have. He should have followed the rules and observed the understanding you both had. Unfortunately, you learned the hard way that (1) men think with their d****, (2) they don't really care about women, and (3) they cannot be trusted. Better luck next time.

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