So I am trying to be a good Christian all the time. But I have this absolute fascination with beautiful females. Sometimes it's basic normal attraction and other times I need to or think I need to check out lingerie, bikinis or even soft p**********. I am really struggling with this wanting to be faithful to God. I really want to avoid looking at any women sexually although I realize that is a part of life & okay with this most of the time. But whenever I get the urge to look the stuff up online, a magazine or whatever I usually start with something innocent and I end up going further into perversion and p**********. Sometimes I feel guilty just telling someone or even thinking about it. Do you think I should give into the temptation and somehow learn to draw the line before I get into the full p********** or try to abstain constantly? Sometimes the desire lessens if I get in, but usually terrible guilt overcomes me because I don't think that is where God wants my mind. I really would like a lot of feedback on this one please because I really am trying. How sinful to you think it is or I am? I really am not even comfortable saying where my mind goes sometimes. Dam women are just so attractive and temptation is everywhere! I want to be a good person and I feel like I cannot be comfortable completely avoiding but I have trouble controlling myself- Ty


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  • Love won't stop p***. p*** won't stop love. relax. enjoy.

  • Uh... even in a relationship you'll follow your instincts for sexual gratification. Many wives and husbands m********* alone. That 'need' doesn't just stop.

  • When you find a girl,
    you probably wiill lose the need to look at these things.
    You're just acting out like this because you've never experienced the real thing,
    and you're substituting,

  • Find a girl you love,
    and she will be the only "temptation" you have.
    This is fine.
    Just make sure it's for love, and you won't feel like a bad person..

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