I like to get beat up.

I'm a female and I love it when men are mean to me. I like it when they use, beat, blame, etc. me. I will love them but they would take their anger out on me, they can cheat on me. They would make me do everything for him. I'm in a relationship right now and he abuses me and treats me like a slave. When he has no one else to have s** with, he will an intercourse with me, and he pulls my hair alot. I cheated on him once... He drugged me and I left without him noticing. I had an intercourse with another man and I feel so bad. I shouldn't have done it but if I tell him he will leave me! I love him so much too... He got demoted at work a week ago and he keeps punching me everyday about it. Should I tell him? Will he hurt me more or leave me?

Jun 9, 2017

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  • I knew a girl in highschool like that. Me and my friends used to get her to do humiliating things for us. We never punched her but we gave her a few slaps to the face because she seemed to enjoy it. We'd make her lick my friends bathroom and toilet clean and drink our pee. My friend also had a h**** dog we'd make her do stuff with. Worst thing we ever did to her was slide several pictures of the dog having s e x with her into peoples lockers at school. She was socially ruined after that but still came back to my friends house for more. The girl just seemed to get off on being abused.

  • Sounds like a German girl I once dated. She begged me to hit her and she would suck her dog while I f***** her.

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