Pls help me

In 2014 april i had a girlfrnd...i dated her and got physically involved too...but soon i realized it was an infatuation only and i did'nt felt anything about her But she got attached with me...somehow i lied to her that we dont have any future coz of some reasons. And moved in 2015 i am in college and i have a new girlfrnd this time i am completely in love with her...and feel the same way about her how she feels...but i didnt tell her that i got physically involved too in my past with a i regret of having intercourse with my past...what should i do?
should i tell my present gf everything about my past....but i know she ll leave me..alone after knowing all this...what should i do?

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  • No way does a college person write as atrocious as you. How can you not know that the word "I" is capitalized? Many other glaring errors. Wow, I am sad for your illiteracy.

  • As long as you don't have an std - don't tell!

  • The past is the past. Leave it there.

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