Wifes BFF

My wife's best friend and i have always had a good relationship and last night we took it to the next level. My wife's friend is, Lets say curvy, She is a dance teacher and has beautiful, thick thighs and great legs, A firm, round ass, Wide hips, Huge t*** and a beautiful face.
I had a chance with her one night at a party before i met my wife and i ended up getting dragged to a different party by some friends and two weeks later met my wife on her first weekend after she moved to town but she had already been befriended by her current BFF.
We pretty much instantly hit it off and 20 years later we are married with 3 kids and she is still super hot. Last night I agreed to stay home with the kids while her BFF and her went to the bar for her birthday after i made them supper and we had cake and ice cream with the kids, They came home around 2:00 and stumbled in laughing and joking. My wife stumbled off to the bathroom and her friend flopped down on the opposite end of the couch from me, After a few minutes i went to check on my wife and she was passed out face down on the bed. I returned to the living room and sat down talking to her friend, She laid down and put her feet on my lap and i put my hand on her shin, We talked for a bit and she said "So...Why didn't we hook up ALL those years ago?", I explained what happened and she said "Hmmmm...Well, you missed out" and i laughed saying "Missed out on what?", she looked down and squeezed her b**** together jiggling them and took a deep breath saying "Lots", She laid there and we didn't say a word but as i massaged her cute, Soft feet she took a deep breath and let out a sigh.
She looked at me and whispered "Wanna know a secret?", I looked at her and said "sure", She said "I put my panties in some dude's pocket tonight and then it turned out he had a girlfriend but he kept them anyway" and we both started giggling, I said 'Really?" and she nodded her head.
I said "Yeah right" and she said "I am totally commando right now" then she looked around and said 'Wanna see?", I nodded my head and she spread her knees and pulled her dress up. I stopped massaging her feet and stared, Right there two feet away was my wifes best friends albeit hairy, her beautiful p****, I stared for a few seconds then said "Hmmm, You dont shave?" she said "Never have...Just trim a bit" I reached out for it and she flipped her dress down and said "Ah Ah Ah...No touchy" then flipped it back up, Looked around and said "Unless you promise to keep it a secret", I nodded and reached out rubbing her with my thumb, She leaned her head back and closed her eyes moaning as i rubbed her then i leaned in and licked her and a few seconds later we were on the couch, Her on her back with her legs spread and me trying to work my d*** into her.
She was super wet and still it took some work to get it in her as she winced and took deep sharp breaths, I got it in and shoved it deep and her eyes got wide and she took a deep breath whispering "AAAAHHHH my f***", I got her dress piled up around her waist and got her bra off. Her t*** are amazing, Her bra says DDD and they have big brown nips, I f***** her as quietly as i could then came inside her and she kind of missed the cue but when i pulled out she shuffled down as i knelt on all fours over her face and she sucked me.
When i went limp we laid on the floor and she looked at me shaking her head no, I looked at her and said "What?", She made a pouty face and said "You didn't come?", i told her i did and she looked confused then her eyes got wide and said "Inside?", I nodded and said "yeah, I'm fixed...Remember" and she took a deep breath letting out a sigh and said "Oh yeah".
We laid there touching and feeling each other until i got hard again then we went one more time all while my wife was passed out on the bed 10 feet away, This morning she didn't let on that anything was wrong and before leaving while my wife had her back turned she looked at me, Smiled and winked. The whole thing is crazy but i am excited to see her again.

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  • The fact that you do not know that the word "I" is capitalized tells me you are an illiterate 12 year old boy.

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