I can't stop thinking about women who smoke

I have a real love for women who smoke and have had for as long as I can remember. I am 24 and when I was around 5 one of my mums friends was a heavy smoker (silk cuts). I couldnt stop staring at every second I had and since then i have started not only smoking heavily myself but encouraging every girl that comes into my life to do so as well.

In some ways, I am more addicted to the fetish than I am actually smoking, I spend my nights scrolling through forums, watching videos and longing to meet a girl that just enjoys being a smoker.

For me it isnt nicotine, its the taste and smell. I absolutley love it and love the smell of a freshly smoked f** on a girls breath.

I cant say that I am proud of my fantasy, infact i feel extremely embarrased and have declared it to only 2 people in my life (both ex girlfriends one of whom used to smoke heavily) but I just feel when I am thinking about smoking and the pleasure it gives to women I managed to escape from any other thoughts in my mind. It is incredible.

I am expecting a lot of abuse for my strange fetish but if anyone has any advice or has a similar feeling towards the subject I would be keen to hear from you.


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  • I have the biggest smoking fetish going mate i just love woman who smoke and also i even love to see them get their lungs black too with very heavy smoking and the smell of cigarette smoke is just the best smell in the world and also the smell of very heavy cigarette on women and girls is just very very sexy

  • Welcome. As you've discovered now, and I have discovered back in 1998, there is a whole bunch of freaks with a smoking fetish like us :)

    Don't feel so bad about it. Use it to your favour. There are still girls who smoke out there and at least some of them will enjoy that you like that. Of course it's not something that you will tell everyone about, but you can admit it to the girls who attract you (if they give you space, of course) and they will be happy to use your fetish...

    I had a lot of girlfriends who smoked, and some which didn't smoke even started because of my fetish (but they haven't become regular smokers). I am married for 6 years now to a 10-year younger woman who was smoking when I first noticed her. From day one we have been sharing smokey kisses and smoking during s** is just as natural. And she didn't even have a smoking fetish like me.

    So, my advice is: don't worry, be happy!

  • It's not that uncommon. In my case, it's the choice of pleasure over prudence that turns me on.

    But ethical considerations should prevent us from foisting this onto people we care about.

  • Pretty stupid weaker lungs the only s*** that keeps tat going is if she smokes she pokes

  • Normal fetish..My hot older sister has smoked for years, and, I do find it incredibly sexy.. The way her long, curved, polished nails stretch into the air or by her face when she puffs, seeing her lips press against the cig and leave lipstick lines, cheeks sucking inward...Sometimes, if she's standing up, she'll fold her arms underneath her t***, pushing them up, flicking her free hand and nails beneath her elbow and smoking with her other hand. As she puffs, her t*** bulge out and heave.

    It's hot to see how much she enjoys it, too..Really soaks in the smoke, even the head-tilting exhale and just-enough mouth open to do it..Very sensual and steamy. I used to light her cigs for her all the time just to get up close. She'd lean over to let me light, and if she was wearing a robe, the robe top would split open for a nice cleavage view.. I still enjoy, and get revved up, watching her smoke.

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