No relationship with step daughter

I just don't feel close to my 22 yr old step daughter. I have been her step mom for 10 years. She can't even acknowledge me when she leaves the house or comes in. It's a rare occasion when it happens. She has told me that she doesn't want to be fake. She will not hug me either. It probably repulses her to think about touching me in any way. She has five brothers and sisters, whole, half, and step. She doesn't do anything with or talk to anyone including her dad. So selfish. Sometimes I wish I hadn't married her dad or wish I could leave. It makes me uncomfortable in my own house.


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  • Daughter selfish p**** like so many a****** spoiled daughters I know whose actual mothers reject them and dad over compensates

  • Daughter sucks and has mental issues

  • Whatever its not your job to look after her kid......

  • This is sad. Because it sounds like you would really like a close relationship with your step daughter. Some people are just wired like that. Maybe the divorce of her parents changed that or she feels left out and so she has walls up to protect her. Who knows without her actually saying what's up with her. All you can do is continue to put energy into the relationships that matter most to you. Be nice to her, you never know..maybe if she gets married or has a child she will understand how important relationships are.

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