Finally about to try it

Ok so I've been married for 16 years to my hubby all has been good but over the last few years we kinda are drifting apart we hardly talk any more let alone have s**, we were childhood sweethearts so I'm now 36 yrs old and i still love him but I need to feel something special again he has given me permission to meet other guys if I so want as long as he doesn't see them and don't rub his nose in it, recently he turned 40 and he lasts about 1minbefore he c*** which doesn't float my boat he used to be great in the sack but I think he's lost it and I have considered it as he told me over 8 months ago about this but now I'm thinking I might try it getting ravished by a younger guy pounding me for several hours just to make me feel sexy again, but not sure if this would split us up ?? Caroline 36yrs young

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  • Well look at all the weight and fat falling off me everyday so fast and how healthy i am now. and I am richer and prettier. never the last time. it goes on and on til I am at my best always and infinity.

  • Hi Caroline, I a busty old s*** as well I'm 50 and f***** dozens of men and a few women. My husband knows and encourages me

  • Can I smell your used panties

  • Well, think of it like this. When a man is h****, he blasts out sperm fast. The faster he blasts, the sexier the woman. So, that means to him, you're sexier than ever, hence his early loads. So first, be happy about that, then, take his advice. He wants you to be happy, but be sure to only swallow other men, because you don't want your husband asking about the evidence of having eating a mayonnaise sandwich due to you forgetting to wash the 'remnants' of some kind of off white dried crusted streaks out of your hair.

  • I would like to try a black guy find out if it's true ?. Once you go black you never go back lol 😂 they do seem to have bigger on the videos maybe one day I will try this fantasy. I meet my new chap last week and s** was great and really enjoyed it he was hot and very fit only problem is he came quite quick 2 times which made me laugh he said he was so turned on cause I was a married lady !! Not so sure about that. ❤️ Caroline

  • Talk about cuckolding him are maybe work at it a little at a time

  • Have you thoughts about how a black c*** stretching you out would feel?

  • Thanks for some nice comments I'm of to meet a new man tomorrow 20th June at Ibis hotel Crawley off to meet a nice man called Dan can't wait he looks yummy day off to play I will let you know how it turns out hope he's as nice as he looks and sounds ❤️ Caroline

  • Glad to hear you bit the bullet and done it, or more to the point got done😚Unlike your husband I am not past it at 62 but my Mrs of 53 did not start having good s ex until she met myself at 39, so after dealing with her anxieties towards s ex I openly encouraged her to make up for lost time before time caught up with her, her passion is young,hung musclemen, so couple times a year she scratches the itch as I sit discretely in the corner enjoying the show as such😚👌

  • Can I buy your used knickers after you've seen your lover ?

  • I'd love to lick your used p**** I'd pay you

  • Ok all so I did finally try it weekend just gone I was really unsure what I was doing but took the plunge you hear all these scary stories etc,

    Anyway it was AMAZING he was 31 and I felt the passion that I had lost for a while the excitement the fuzzy feeling the can't stop kissing,I felt about 10 yrs younger and it was great he respected my wishes.

    I came 3 times which was great and felt all giddy and sexy again he was strong and quite sexy and havent had s** for so long for ages, I have missed this for to long I did tell hubby but didn't go in to too much detail just told him I found it a great release, can't wait to try this again felt like I'd been horse riding this weekend the way I'm walking to work.

    Thanks Caroline

  • I'm a s*** wife and f*** other men and women with hubbys pemission. I f*** one a month and have done for 5yrs

  • As a husband that allows my wife to play also. Give him all the details. Spare nothing and be honest. I love hearing all about her adventures and hang on every word

  • Your husband has given you his permission to find other men to have s** with. Go out and enjoy yourself ,just respect his wishes and be discreet about it.

  • Contact me here

  • Caroline, if you feel the need to explore, and you have his blessing, then I suggest you go ahead. You are 36. You have a lot of exploring ahead of you. Enjoy!!!

  • I would love too make out with u carolinr

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