Had an affair with my daughter's boyfriend

I am 48 years old, Korean-American, and mother of 2 children.

My elder daughter came home last christmas with her boyfriend, a handsome white boy a year older than she was. On one day, she and her father went christmas shopping and I asked him to help me decorate.

I am pretty fit, and quite attractive for my age.

He was flirty, and I was flirting back. It was all innocent, laughs and tickles kind of thing. He called me a MILF, I teased him by calling him Daddy. Then he suddenly spanked my ass. I was a little shocked, but thought two can play that game, so I gave him a spank back. It was a kind of underarm swing, and I missed the target a bit so my hand went between his legs and cupped his b**** instead. Then he just squeezed his thighs together and trapped my hand there.

I was flustered now, my fingers were right on his c***. I could feel he had an erection, and was clearly much bigger than my husband. I had to put my hand on his ass to try and pull free, but he told me the price for letting go was one kiss. I agreed, and he let go and spun around. I reached up for his cheek, but he grabbed me and stuck his tongue down my throat.

I struggled but he had me in a strong grip. Slowly, I began enjoying myself, and then suddenly just lost it. I grabbed him and we were both making out like h**** teenagers. Soon the clothes were coming off. Without any preamble, I got on my back and he got on top. I was wet, but small for his size, and he took a few painful thrusts to get in me. Then it was just his tongue in my mouth and his c*** pounding my p****. I came and wet the carpet, and he came inside me.

After he was done, I kind of came to my senses and started crying. But he didn't let me go. He hadn't softened much, so he just held me in his lap, c*** still in my p****, and cuddled and kissed me while I had mini-hysterics. Soon he was fully hard again and grinding me against him. I soon let myself go and had another o*****, before he unloaded in me a second time.

After that, we rushed to clean up before our partners got home. That holidays, we had s** 2 more times, and flirted and kissed and fondled almost every moment we were alone together. I have since met him for s** while visiting my daughter at her college, again on a weekend away, and most recently when he moved to the city for a summer internship. My daughter is in another part of the country, and we are meeting for s** two or three times a week now. I am guilty of course, but also happy, and besides, it's not likely to last for any of us, so I suppose we can all have some fun while it lasts.

Jun 27, 2017

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  • Don't think you are alone, Brief or long affairs just happen.

  • My sons keep me satisfied. One is 15 and the other is 14. They're both better and harder than their dad.

  • Wow, so nice

  • I want in ur p****

  • If that's your A-game, keep looking. Here, have a sock and some lotion while you're waiting.

  • I've been with 2 of my daughters boyfriends , the one was after a drunken night out and she held me as he had s** with me . .

  • Did u get off while your daughter was holding you

  • From the first time I met Ed, my daughter's future father in law we had a connection . He and his wife stayed at our house the week of the wedding , helping with all the last minute prep. One morning my husband got called in early to work, I was in the kitchen making coffee when Ed came down. He came up behind me startling me as he wrapped his arms around me. He told me his wife was still in bed as he began kissing my neck. That's all I needed and soon was leading him to our basement family room and f****** him on the couch. We were able to be alone twice more while they stayed with us that week.
    Almost a year later my son in law stops by while my husband was away on a golf trip. He tells me in a very serious manner that he needs to talk to me as we walk to the living room. Apparently he had found an email on his father's computer while they were visiting and now knew about our brief affair.
    He blackmailed me into having s** with him letting me know he had no problem telling my husband and daughter that I had f***** his father. That first time he used me like a w**** making me suck him off before having me on my hands and knees f****** me right there on our living room floor.
    After the first time he no longer needed to blackmail me .I have now been f****** and sucking him at least once a month for the past year.

  • Nice!!!

  • What if he gets you pregnant? How do you feel when taking in the same d*** as your daughter in your holes? Does he tells you how the daughter likes to f***? Do you try to outdo the daughter? So hot.

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