Hate being a parent

Hate being a f****** parent sometimes. It is emotionally and mentally draining. I have a very hyperactive excessive energetic 3 yr old son who just seems to spend most the day trying to wind the s*** out of me by making a mess. From.the second he wakes up he is literally like a flea jumping about and is extra noisey all the time. Nothing holds his attention for longer than a few minutes im sick and tired of trying to entertain and participate in activities that i dont want to do in the first place!!!!!! Anytime i go to get ready/have quick shower/do makeup/ cook the tea hes doing something annoying or making a mess that i have to clean up after him or hes trying to break the furniture. Absolutely hate being at home theres only so much s***** things to do around here such as the park which of course doesnt last all day or of course u can waste ur money on other activities they wont appreciate or throw a tantrum and ruin it. Anytime i visit family its even moreof a headache because bes arguing/fighting with his cousins or trying to p*ss the cats or dog off by chasing them no matter how many times u tell him no. Keeping him awake all day is a major struggle around 4-5pm when hes so cranky and tired but of course i dont want him to have a nap or else he wouldnt be going to sleep until midnight. Literally get a couple.of hours to myself on the evenings and i have to do assignments. His dad is always working away/nights so he is basically f***ing useless and never helps out anyway when he is here its like having two kids i swear to god. I wish i could just **** off on holiday for two weeks by myself. I have no social life thanks to his dads working hours which means i never have anyone to have him on the nights so i can go out and see friends. My friends work in the day all week (i work long hours wkend and do fulltime collegecourse) . I definitely would of put off having a child if i knew how frustrating it was going to be or if i knew i was going to have such little practical help from his dad. I would rather be at work all week working away with someone else looking after my son. No im not depressed. No i do not need to see a f***ing doctor. What i need is fulltime childcare!!! Having him in nursery during college hours is no where near enough or considered a break. My son manages to get on my last single nerve day in day out and I've had enough of it. Tantrums, backtalking ,smacking ,spitting ,pulling stupid f**king faces ,breaking things, screaming in public, throwing things . I'm sick of it !!!! Cant even have 5 minutes in the other room because he follows me about and screams/bangs if i close the door . I honestly cant wait until he is older when he doesnt need 24/7 attention. so there i hate being a parent. Its a sh***y job with stupid long hours which requires ur house being a f*cking mess all the time no matter how much u clean it!! I saw someone elses comment on here asking if he would have to give up his hobby as playing instruments and writing music hahaha mate WHAT HOBBIES?!?!? of course u have to give them up unless u have the luxury of babysitters everyday to which of course i dont! I consider a 5 min toilet break in peace a hobby and believe me that is rare. So theres my s*itty confession yes i prpbably sound like a ungrateful terrible parent but truth is no doctor can make u feel better in that way what u need is a break away from all the b*llshit responsibilities so you can think in peace and reflect on life !!!!!


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  • He's three, welcome to being a parent.
    What, did you think it was going to be easy? L****.
    Did you think he was going to be the perfect little angel, lol.
    I was dirt poor and lost a lot of weight so my kid and wife didn't go without. I progressively got better jobs, then got promoted eat. And had a pretty decent house by the time he was eight.
    I got all this because I wasn't worried about pretentious bullshit.
    Now stop being such a p**** and take care of your son.

  • "ect."

  • Just to clarify my son doesn't throw faeces lol i think i wrote pulling faces. He is toilet trained thank god. Thank you all for your kind words its nice to see i am not alone here although it does feel that way sometimes. Yes he has a lady in from early learning monitoring his behaviour at nursery every couple of months. We tried the diet diary which i know there wouldnt have been a link to his hyperness as i do not give him excessive sugary foods. I think he is just naturally hyper. We wont know more until he is around 5 to confirm things like ADHD. I will just have to stick it out until then. I am looking forward to our family holiday at the end of the year however if you could all pray for me that i get through a long haul flight without trying to jump off board i would be very grateful thanks LoL

  • Prayers to you! You aren't alone. There are many of us with children who have challenges. Just keep being the best mama you can. And ask for help when you can. And trying things, you may stumble upon something that works for your little guy. Have a wonderful time on your trip and bring lots of movies and whatever to keep him happily distracted. Call your friends and get some dates on the books so you can look forward to them. Just because everyone is busy, does not mean you guys can't connect. It just takes a bit of juggling and effort. Deep breaths and take it one day at time.

  • From someone in a similar situation I'll tell you it does get better. Kids don't usually stay that s*****. Your husband however there's no hope for. Children can change very easily adults rarely do.

  • Thank you for accentuating why I'm extremely grateful, I chose not to have children. Life is simpler and enjoyable. Just my personal opinion and preference for myself, everyone is different :-)

  • Choosing to not have kids is one of the best and bravest things you can do in this society. Also, it cracks me up how certain types of parents think that either the sun shines from their kid's a$$ or that they can't handle living with a small insane sociopath, like they're the first people to have ever had this experience. No one held a gun to your head and made you spit out a sprog, OP. Bed made lie.

  • Thanks for your reply. Haven't checked this in a long time. Quick update, it got alot better. My child is a h*** lot better behaved and less hyper. I dumped the loser boyfriend. Life's good. Nice to see how much things have changed since a year and a half ago. That is all

  • No doubt you sound like you need help and a long overdue break. But before the break, time to deal with what's going on and set up a new routine, because what's going on now is not working for anyone. It's not going to be easy. You're going to have test things out and see what progresses. But the way it is now, it's impossible to parent when you don't have the support. How are your child's needs being met when you can't see straight? Is your child involved in any behavioral therapies for hyperactivity? You probably have done tons of research..is he on medications? or special diet? Sometimes changes in diets can help. Of course, kids can be super picky but it's always worth a try. The throwing of feces, that almost sounds autistic. Your husband (or baby daddy) sounds like he stays away so he doesn't have to deal. Whatever it takes, you two need to be on the same page. He needs to be present and if he's not, then maybe some decisions need to be made. Because it doesn't sound like he makes you happy whether he's there or not. You complain about your friends availability..maybe that's just venting. But that's just life. People get busy, have obligations. They probably complain that you work on weekends when they're free. Look you have a child with special needs and you need to work with it to help him. Talk to a doctor or a therapist who specializes in ADHD so they can give you the tools to make it manageable. The way you are describing your environment sounds like chaos. Like he's running the show, when it doesn't have to be like that. Remember, an ADHD child interprets the world differently. You have to set up a routine and stick to it. Even if you tried, try it again. You must stay consistent. Yes, you certainly deserve some peace - work something out with your husband. Look into support groups, there's help out there. Hang in there.

  • ^^^^^ I didn't read anything about throwing feces; just that he makes a mess. OP does he throw feces around?

  • I actually laughed out loud reading this, because I lived it. p****** the cat and dogs off, the faces, messes. I'm sorry hon. Like you I never had a break. I wish people really would help parents out once in awhile, god knows, no one on my or my ex's family did. Godspeed sister

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