Should have remained a fantasy

All my life I have been utterly addicted to total-enclosure bondage, the most extreme possible. Naturally girls my own age wanted nothing to do with me, and I was never attracted to men or boys, so I became an adult, alone and frustrated, and relying on self-bondage for any real release. Having a trust-fund, I only worked now and again, when really bored. Then one time I made a mistake, and was unable to release myself. Finally ended up pounding on the floor, knowing that the landlady was right underneath, and would at least get me out, maybe at the cost of having to move, or pay something....anyway she eventually used her pass-key when she got no answer to her knocking at the door, and found me. "Holy s***!" she commented, and came in and closed and locked the door. "You can't get out, can you? You dropped the key, didn't you? "No Ma'am...yes Ma'am" I gasped. muffled in rubberized canvas. "I expect you want me to help you out?" she demanded. "Oh please, yes, Ma'am!" I panted. "Okay, but it'll cost you! You KNOW I could just leave you like that, and see how long you could last? Well, do you? Know that?" A frantic reply in the positive, brought an "Oh very well then!" and she pulled up a chair beside the bed, and...unzipped the opening at my crotch. causing my semi-erect goodies to burst out into the open. She snugged the zipper tight round the roots, then began to fondle me! "Thought you were going to let me out?" I gasped. "F*** no! I said I would help you out, not LET you out! Now I own your perverted little ass, young man, and you will show me a good time, or ELSE!" She climbed up on the bed, straddled me, and lowered her 300 lbs onto my rock-hard erection, then moved slowly, demanding I lift myself to meet her! This was my very first ever intercourse, and it turned out to be much harder work than I thought! She was insatiable, and threatened me within an inch of my life if I came before she did! When it looked like the exertion would make me pass out, she eased open the zipper over my mouth, about a quarter-inch only, and demanded more effort! This went on, the entire weekend, with rest periods, and I was terrified of p****** her off, and being abandoned as I was, so I cooperated as best I could, earning her approval. She declared the permanency of the relationship, and promised she'd "take care of me" which I wasn't sure how to take......

Jul 6, 2017

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  • My fat old landlady used to hand cuff me onto her bed and let herself completely go on me. It always excited me so I kept a h****** constantly.
    I often got near unconscious when she sat with her fat hairy p**** on my face.

    Once I hand cuffed my landlady but it wasn’t as excited as she did me so that was a one timer.

  • G******, this is some sexy s***! Please write more! G******! This is hot AF! And it's nasty AF! I love it! I love it ALL!!

  • This post is the most beautiful thing I've ever read. And you are a wonderful writer. You should -- you MUST -- turn this into a memoir. And you must continue writing. You are a treasure, and you should be treasured.

  • Thank you - that is so sweet!

  • I think maybe just maybe your dream came true

  • REALLY kinky stuff - don't look for conventional good looks - the pretty boys/girls don't need to make the effort - everything comes to them, usually on their terms! Prioritize what really matters to you!

  • ^^ very true ^^

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