I'm 21 years old now. I didn't get a chance to go to college me being the youngest of 6 and the only girl I grew up with work boots from my brothers in the front doors. Tool boxes in the garage. Work trucks parked outside taking up garage space. throughout high school I didn't know what I wanted. My brothers being in skilled trades they opened a door for me them being older and having experience and being foreman or superintendents I got a chance to enter the construction world and I love every bit of it. Through High school I had excellent grades AP classes anything parents would be proud of. When I was 18 I entered my first labor job in the construction job but I hated sitting around doing nothing I wanted to get down and dirty. My "friends " would be starting college,universities starting basics telling me to get in school and not be in the sun. I lost a bunch of friends. Most are still in school and used to tell me "construction is only for men" your not a man! That would itch my skin. in 3 years I busted my ass of getting dirty learning everything from heavy machinery to blue prints to anything I could get my hands on, I struggle at times to land jobs for being a girl and being dominated by a men's world I didn't go to school or plan to. I'm 21 now and I'm making 40 hr when I travel for work I get more money. I bought me a cashed truck from a project I went to in Antarctica and came back with cash load of money. Meanwhile people who I thought were my friends would bump into me at the grocery store and look at me with envy. I have my own uptown condo, truck , career& life together. From those times they say construction would neve get me anywhere they were wrong . Now they're the ones struggling to find jobs. Nobody is perfect. I worked hard for what I have. A hard hat and safety vest are my go to and I love it. Not only because the money but because most men accept the fact that I'm a girl with long hair loves mani & pedis but can get the job done. It's mesmerizing waking up at 4am climbing up scaffolds to see the sun rise slowly drinking coffee . I don't plan on getting married or having kids any time soon but my future husband better darn as heck accept me and my work boots. Btw now I'm moving into a office setting managing and coordinating projects for more pay, and if I ever feel like going back to the field I'd do it all over again. I'm a woman in construction 🔨 in the weekends you find me with heels and make up if I'm not working! Don't ever let anybody tell you any different no matter what you want to be or do.. go get it! Get back up if they knock you down, work hard in silence. Do not depend on people to get you where you want to be. Work hard and let success do the talking! I went for my dream job and here I am with a company truck a project on my hands and economically stable , healthy, living my dream at 21. Meanwhile those who doubted are slowly evolving into ignorance and getting nowhere in their life. I didn't do it for them but I did it because I knew I had what it took to one day own my own work truck in a skilled trades job. Life is too short to not go out there and get what you want. Ladies don't be scared to get down and dirty. love those hard working men you all have when they work in trades it's hard earned money to put food on the table and get dirty all in one!! the impeccable and unexplainable can happen, we might not make it home.... to all my doubters and negative people believe in yourself I did and look where it took me

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  • Thank you all for the kind comments and words of wisdom!! If it's one thing I have to say it wasn't easy! It took 3 years worth of learning proving wanting to adittude, being bullied y a flock of guys who think its funny to make you work and life like a man but I took it all. Now I'm here blessed at 21!

  • Awesome to hear I'm a woman working in construction as well except I don't really get dirty lol! I'm a site safety you know giving people permits checking areas making reports etc half outside half on the field

  • I also have a female working for my company she's a rigger making big money

  • I have a female working for my company. She came to me after 3 combat tours in Iraq, 1 of 7 licensed female plumbers in the entire state, computer degree and holds electrical license. She never complains like all the male employees do. A female presses harder in the construction world because they feel they have to prove themselves everyday and in a sense they have to.

  • AMEN!!!!

  • Ima General foreman for pipefitting and welding I've seen some woman but most stay in labor positions, never has a woman asked hey boss can I weld up something , can I right up this pipe, can I see the blue prints, never have I come across one. Most are young and don't know what they want but try to find a sugar daddy at the jobsites to marry. Heck if I'd ever come across a woman who'd tell me " hey boss I want to learn to fit & weld can you recommend me to some classes ?? I wouldn't hesitate to move her on up to a helper and see what she's about. Heck I think the guys would love a woman who's bossing the crew around maybe they'd be more careful of their work actions and speed up the job. I think that they are the newer generation and I see nothing wrong with a woman in the trades. I actually think it says a lot more about a woman than anything else! I'm 53 now father of 4 kids grown now. 2boys and 2 girls both my boys are now running projects but my girls never asked or wanted to know what I'd do which did someone's put me down I would've loved for my girls to work with me & for them to learn new things not always be locked away in a box. It excites me to hear stuff like this especially from a young 21yr old woman! You go girl!!! If you were in my team I'd show you off let them know who's boss

  • 21 and making 40hr??? Wat d actuality f*** am I doing wrong !?!?!? Gees I'm 29 making 32 hr in skilled trades with pipe dept

  • You better up your game then :-)

  • Working in construction has been perceived as a male dominated trade, because it's usually men working in that trade. However, it's not a trade specifically for men, women can choose construction as a career as well.

    Good for you for working towards, eradicating stereotypes and ignorance. Just because a specific trade is primarily worked by men, doesn't mean, It's a trade specifically designed for men.

    Great OP :-)

  • That is sexy in a woman !

  • Go girl! Congratulations on your success! Life is what you make it and why not do something you love. It's cool. I'm not sure I would want to walk out on scaffolding (have a fear of heights), but I can certainly relate to the pride and satisfaction you feel once a project is completed. I experience that in my own work, just in a different capacity. With your background and knowledge there are so many directions you can take your career. You could teach young women and just women in general or try to get your own show on HGTV or something.

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