IM 22 yrs old. Both of my parents passed away I'm a tragic car accident when I was 15. They both had degrees and left me good wills me being only child I got left alone with my nanny and house servants. I finished school and got a chance to go to college not anuniversity as they wished. I got my associates and landed a job. Now that I've worked nearly every day sometimes I get depressed and kiss them terribly I wish they were here to see me and hug me or tell me how much they love me. The servants had to be let go since the house is always alone and I'm always working who needs a mansion to be cleaned daily. I do my cooking alone so my nana is the only one who lives with me. Majority of both my parents families live out of state and never where close to my parents, mainly becuase both my parents come from wealth everonenalways seen us different. When my parents passed away I went through a huge 4 year depression. I'd never want to eat never go out never talked to people. Nobody ever gave me advice I had to get up alone and manage to keep going on with life alone. I haven't had plans of marriage any time soon, intentionally because my family left a ton of fortune and properties businesses behind I wouldn't want to find a "gold digger" so I came to the conclusion to act normal not drive a expensive car dress formal, and so I've done eat at normal restaraunts not over spend. My parents were the typical wealthy kind to want me to dress full suit and tie type. Over the course I've become depressed now more because I went to school and found a decent job paying 100k a year that I have no necessity for. If I wanted to I could quit today and still live off of my family bussinesss and real estate investments for ever but I want to meet somenone to share my adventures with someone who just won't fall in love for my money. But idk where to start I've come across tons of beautiful woman I just can't talk to them because I'd feel they'd think of me as this normal kid who went to college then they'd find out both y parents own multi billion dollar businesses and they'd think I'm a dush bag for lying what do I do? I'm excited to say I've saved up from my money and hard work 50k and I bought my first truck lol. Nana thinks I'm crazy but it's the experiences I love . I know where hard work comes from I want to share my life money & adventures with someone in December I'll be 23 and if I don't do it know I never will. I'm not happy sometimes I wish I was average and normal meaning worked every day had a wife and kids at an average house I'd still pay day to day go to cookouts etc. in my parents will they didn't want me to sell the house so I don't plan to. But I have zero friends zero social life and zero love. Am I supposed to say hey I'm rich and I'm lonely be my friend?? Plus what kind of friends am I supposed to have is it okay to have any friend I want is there rules I have to follow? What about a woman can I fall in love with any woman and tell her move into my will mansion with me, she'd be creeped out. Sharing my story hurts until this day. Depression slowly gets to me daily the only thing keeping me distracted is my normal job and my 12 hour shifts when I make it home in the gated community and I lay there it hits me again, I seek for answers I can't find. At nights it quiet. Dark. And empty. My parents room stays closed because until this day it hurts me so much . The pain is unbearable! I wish I had some of my oyncles or cousins near by but over time we lost touch. This is what being alone feels like I don't want to live this way. Sometimes out of crazy thoughts I feel like getting up and adopting twins both boys but I re think and say that's crazy! I love kids especially boys the thought of having them walking around running around or me waking up to take them to school and the birthday parties, commuting with their friends parents. That's the life I want & other time I let depression kill me inside. Silence is my best friend. I need a miracle. I don't want to be alone forever.

Jul 19, 2017

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  • Do you still need someone in your life

  • Go girls get him before anything goes wrong to himself.

  • I think you are a douchebag anyway. And the reason being is either A) you are full of s*** and you don't have as much money as you say you do, hence why you let your house servant go. Or B) you let your house servant go who has been with you for at least 7 years and helped raise you, and for what, because the house was empty? Who f****** cares. Remember, you are worth millions. Or was it billions? So which is it? Are you a liar or a selfrighteous a******?

  • Very good point.

  • A very deep and sad story. An exhusting plight to read.

    There's always someone out there worse off than you. Some have lost love ones and also have no financial backing or a job. How to you feel they cope? ..because many do.

    My advice would be to research "Flat Earth". It'll bring a little daylight into your life, trust me many have looked into it.

  • Your wasting time working while you could enjoy your life

  • You



  • Buy a island and live there

  • Do yourself a favour and take your own advice :)

  • You mentioned "what kind of friends are you supposed to have" ! In reality we choose our friends you can have any friend but to put your feet on the ground ALWAYS is a MUST! not everyone is nice or kind like you, some will step on you and spit on your last name and never want you to be better than them. By human nature and laws of life it's not your fault your parents were wealthy and got a chance to leave you settled for life! But I'm the real world there will be people who you think or thought were your friends I'd say it's best to stick with people of your kind.. "WEALTHY!" If you have a oddly poor friend you never know if you can be used for your nice things or for the benefit of them . But then again it's up to you for your safety id say meet friends where wealthy people reside!!!!

  • Don't listen to the a******* here complaining about your grammar not every wealthy person is good at everything! Look ma dude go to these clubs golf, travel the world, try tinder, dating apps, get you a matchmaker you have the money right?!?! You don't need to tell someone right away hey I'm broke or I'm rich if they ask what you do fr a living just be honest hey I have my associates and explain to her. If you fall in love she will come with patience, I can't imagine why it feels like to be that lonely damn..... (hugs wife &kids). I will pray for you don't give up man, it's all a matter of timing. If you fall in love &I meet the right one she will come and eventually she'll understand why not showing your wealth or talking about it is so important, she'll love you
    For who you are but your wealth is just like a gift to her. Remember a good woman deserves it all happy wife happy life

  • You should get some of that money and get a teacher to teach you to spell.what painful read I lost interest after ten lines.get your money and f*** heaps of hookers just blow your load all up in there s***.

  • Check your s***, before you criticise other people's!

  • So your parents left you a s*** ton of money and you still went to school and only got an associates ? Why not enjoy life sounds like your income is set for life

  • You need friends bro you too lonely and depressed for the world you have

  • I never imagined any of this it's like a movie. Crazy sometimes we wish to have money and be this or that or change certain things about us or in our life thinking it will be all happy & a better place but in reality everyone has problems and things they could change. My blessings go to you I'm glad your humbled person

  • Don't listen to these peeps if your comfortable working and living average like anyone else do it .

    It's also not healthy to be alone go out try online dating I know there has to be wealthy dating apps .

    Meet someone at your workplace.
    Go to concerts. Wine tastings. Auction places. Casinos. Idk go somewhere you just know there will be people of your class and or type.

    You like gym girls go to the gym.

    A woman that can cook go to chef Ramsey show.
    network with the connects your parents left you and you might just meet the woman of your dreams or maybe she's waiting too


  • Try moving out to a rural place like Jamaica or the islands in Fiji Hawaii ?? Maybe it will help you relax for a bit and let you ease your mind. You have the assets and money to do anything you want go out and DO IT!!

  • Have you been to Jamaica? Actually in Jamaica and not the tourist areas, because those areas don't represent the heart of Jamaica

  • You need more than advice!

  • I heard a program about people who had radical career changes. One guy got into logistics with red cross and spends a lot of time in Africa. One girl trained as a nurse and did the same thing. She said it was so scary and rewarding at the same time. Another guy learned to fly a helicopter and went to the south pacific. He said really poor pay but great lifestyle.

  • Hide the fact you have money at first, there are a lot of gold diggers out there. Maybe you could meet someone at work, do you love me art (museums) charity work. Take a cruise, dance classes, you have the money. Go live, listen to your instincts; the first time anyone shows you who they really are (and you don't trust it - they are not the one). Sorry about your loss, best of Luck!

  • Thank you for your kind words, having the money means nothing to me. I go out to eat or movies like any average person like you said I can hide the fact that I have money which I'm doing so. But in the long run I meet a woman she will say I'm a liar etc. I was never taught how to handle anything especially now I don't have any find of figure or ro model. My parents were more of the travel type to do things of that nature but I will take into consideration thank you again

  • A truly kind person will understand your not mentioning it right away. Maybe start out with just meeting or doing things with friends. There is no rush. Enjoy the beauty of the world, find something you love to do first, then you might meet a companion whom shares your interests; because that is what keeps relationships together; friendship and common interests. Read the book, the game of life and how to play it by Florence scovel shine / can be found online.

  • I lost interest by the end of the fourth line.

  • I read the title and thought, "nah" I thought the comments maybe more interesting :)

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