You people are so disgusting

Product of a sick culture where anything goes

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  • Thanks for your input now please f*** off

  • You're part of this so-called sick culture :)

  • Haha you say this.... I've just wanked off with a fat carrot up my ass while the wife is asleep

  • Any sick culture that you refer to I am certain evolved due to the well known mental disease of liberalism. Liberalism breeds corruption on a major scale, erodes societies, degredates societies & promotes class warfare. This phenomena of course is generated by the globalists, which the entire blame rests upon.

  • Riiight, because sisterfucking piles of greed like you are blameless when it comes to how messed up this world is. I'd say you have a roaring case of cogdis there, but cognition requires an actual brain. Go back to your trailer, your welfare check is waiting for you!

  • Degradation, not "degredates"

  • Jesus. This again?

  • It's sad, but true.

  • Everyone has skeletons in their closet. Even you!

  • Some are. Some aren't. But that's the nature of freedom: sometimes, it's messy.

  • None of us are truly free, we only believe we're.

  • The feeling is mutual

  • LOL :)

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