My mom.

(I apologize for any bad english.) I am the product of rape. My mother had me when she was 14. She never loved me and tried not to spend time with me, her mother told me that she was so mad about being raped that she let her anger out on me and neglected me to her parents. I was attached to her at first but slowly grew to hate her for how she had treated me and moved away when i was 20. When i was 26 i received news she was sick in a hospital, but because of how she treated me all those years ago i refused to go. I thought she wasn't sick with anything bad and she would get out, but i later received news she had died alone in a hospital. I feel f****** awful about it to this day and i can never forget about it.

Jul 15

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  • Hard but try and forgive her on a spiritual level. She was only a kid. I'm sure deep down somewhere she actually loved you. Then you can move on and make a great life for yourself. Be all the things she wasn't able to be for you.

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