Walked in on my sister in law

My sister in law is 28, 9 years younger than me. She came and stayed with us last weekend but brought a friend with her so since we only have one spare room they were sharing a bed.
2:00 in the morning i heard a door close and thinking it was one of our kids i got out of bed to check on them, I got dressed and went down the hall, I was going to go check on the kids and didn't notice the bathroom door was closed but as i passed it i heard a groan. being tired and groggy i didn't even think about it, My first though was that one of the kids was puking. I noticed the door was closed and the light was off so i swung the door open and flicked on the light.
My wife's sister was sitting on the toilet with the lid down and and a towel under her, she had her phone propped up on a towel on the counter, She had her pj's laying on the floor and her legs spread wide, I stopped and stared as she twitched breathing heavy and choppy, Her big floppy t*** with their big pink areolae and large pink nipples squeezed together with her arms and jiggling as she twitched and her hands folded on top of her pelvis and looked like she was putting pressure on it.
She had her legs spread showing her little pink p**** which is shaved bald like completely bald and she looked at me and through choppy breaths and as she twitched she slowly closed her legs as if in pain as she whispered "Oh f***, Oh f***". I said "Sorry" and closed the door, I closed the door and went back to bed and a few minutes later she came to the door and whispered "Psst", I looked up and she summoned me to the kitchen, I met her there and quickly explained that i though it was one of the kids puking.
She looked like she wanted to say something or cry but she just put her head down shaking it then looked up and said "I am so sorry, Can we please pretend this never happened?" Of course i agreed but as soon as they left i told her, If that bombshell ever slipped out and i hadn't told her she would s***.

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  • I caught my mother in law one night going to town on her p**** with a vibrator. She came to visit and had to sleep on the couch because we didn't have a spare bedroom. It was late, or early, however you want to look at it and I got up to get something to drink. As I stood in the kitchen I could hear a buzzing in the living room. I walked in and saw my mother in law with her eyes closed, legs wide open and a vibrator up against her c***. I almost turned and walked out, but she didn't see me so I decided to stay and watch. It got really awkward when she finished and opened her eyes. I knew I had been busted, but what could she say. I didn't know what to say either so I said, "wow, if your daughter has half the body you do at your age, I will be a lucky man". I then turned and walked out. We never spoke about it after that night, but every once in a while I will walk past her and "buzzzz" in her ear just to f*** with her. She always just shakes her head and tells me I'm bad as she walks away. I never did tell my wife.

  • The comments are the best on this one. People defending this guy until some pointed out that he was still a dog for masturbating to the thought of his sister-in-law, and then everyone just went silent. l****

  • Dude, you walk in on your SIL flicking the bean and you didn't drop trou to go b**** deep? That's like finding the prize in snackjack box and throwing it away. I revoke your man card.

  • I would have offered to help her out next time she would some satisfaction,but a proper tool . What the wife does not see or know will not harm her . I bet you have always wanted to give the sister one just for the h*** of it. I have had the sister in law when she young and still tight and still fresh and I filled her with my baby gravy, and lucky she do not get pregnant .she was a good f*** . Can still a quick w*** over and c** quickly. The proof she was Avery good f*** . So go for it my man go on be a man and give her the good f****** she deserves.

  • And you didn't offer up your c*** to her? what kind of brother-in-law are you? You could have at least offered to help her finish.

  • Yeah, that would have been a real stand up move, I am married to her sister who i am faithful to. Even though her sister has an amazing body to LOOK at i would never disrespect my wife like that or destroy my childrens lives by being a douchebag cheater. Furthermore my wife is also hot and keeps me more than happy in the bedroom.
    Was it hot?, Absolutely.
    Do i think about it when i j*** off?, Absolutely.
    Would i ever be inappropriate and offer to f*** her? Never.
    And if you paid any attention she had already finished, think a alittle before you say stupid s***.

  • And jerking off to the thought of your wife's sister is being respectful to your wife? I'm going to say no, you are indeed disrespecting your wife.

  • No, you are a douchebag for even writing about it. You should have kept this to yourself. if you are that classy of a guy, than you would have kept this off the internet instead of telling the whole world. you're an a****** just like everyone else who is telling you to f*** her. I bet you didn't tell your wife you put this up on the internet.

  • I bet he hasn't told his wife that he slaps his meat thinking about her sister either. LOL

  • Totally agree, all these guys saying you should have f***** her are probably single or really stupid. You don't throw away your marriage and destroy your family for some p****.

  • Yeah, he jacks off and thinks about her. I mean you did see that in his comment above where he stated that, right? So I wouldn't exactly be putting this guy up on some pedestal. If you m********* to your sister-in-law, you are not exactly winning any husband of the year awards. Just saying.

  • Absoulutely, "Be a man and give her the good f*** she deserves"? How about be a man and show some restraint, show her and your wife you can be a good man and treat them both with respect.

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