Colon cleansing & power of parents.

For a while I've been thinking about enemas and colon cleansing.

I picked up a discount voucher that had 75% off so I figured I'd try it.

Made the booking and drove to the hydrotherapy clinic. Turned out this was a home office for want of a better term. Bungalow in the suburbs. Go in the front door and I was in the waiting room. Left to the clinic and right to the home part. I'm sitting there in the waiting room and there are the usual magazines and so on and on the wall photos of the family. Mom dad and a kid.

So this is mom's business. I'm ushered into the room. There's a vinyl covered table much like a massage table. I'm asked to change into a paper gown and lie on my side. She basically shoves this thing up my bum and pumps water in and washes out the pool. It even has a clear section of pipe so you can watch the poo on the way out.

I'm lying there. a kind of surreal feeling. Discussing everything from the weather too politics with a woman whose shoving a pipe up my bum.

Eventually the topic was family. Partner. Kids and so on. I'm curious so I ask if kids get hydrotherapy. She says certainly. Her kid who's just started high school has had a weekly cleanse every week of his life.

Woh. I'm a bit taken aback. This kids about 12 and every week he lies down and his mom shoves a pipe up his ass. A few more questions and husband too gets the treatment. It's a regular Friday night family activity. What's more she says they always do it the night before traveling so they can get to their destination without having to worry about using public restrooms. You have much more control over your own body she says.

Just a little weird me thinks.


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  • Its funny the s** roles of people in families. like my dad happens to be one of the most mongrel agro moody sneaks walking dead b****** of a man, and my sister is a complete b****** bloke chick dickheaded man burst out. when I say man burst that is what she is, bc most men end up a bursted wreck after she has done them over and she does every man over hard and fast and heavy and mean, hot then cold as hells demons on freezefire. and she will be remembered most by the people who knew her well the most with that mad sad frowning droney look and "arrggghhhhaaa get out, arrrggghhhaaa you again in the way" dirty looks she pulls at home for decades, the men don't notice it til she has done them over and its an ever lasting print then with all the men in her life, her friends, her family especially. one day I hope she realises the troubles she has caused. like deadman walking sneak father Grump who would stand holding the paper over his pregnant wives had in the street and wouldn't let her sit down til he found a job and gussing grog and smokes and thinking its mr cool taking his poor wife to a pub lunch and then using the paper over her head again and never talk to her only to chip away at her confidence and his kids confidence, one day I hope someone does it back to him.

  • I have no idea what you are trying to say

  • Neither do they

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