Mr. Jipper's Chaotic Fun Day

Hello, Mr. Jipper here. I have a funny story to tell you. If you don't like reading long stories then I suggest you turn back now. I have to give you the backstory first and then I will tell you what happened. Assuming you haven't turned back the backstory

Backstory. 1995.
Back way before "Mr. Jipper" came around, I was a boy no older than 8. My parents split up that year. The only thing I remember from the day my father moved out is that he pulled my away from my sobbing mother and brother, leaned in real close to me, and said, in a tone I had never heard escape his mouth, "You are the man of the house now. Take care of your mother when she needs help and keep your brother out of trouble."
Fast forward to 1999. My dad meets a women who eventually becomes my step-mother. I'm now 12 and my little brother's 10. She has 4 kids of her own two boys and two girls. Now, my brother and I have been living with my mom since the split and view this new woman as a person trying to take over the role of our mother so in the beginning we never got along. It took a while but we eventually accepted her as a step mom and we moved in with her and my dad almost 5 years ago. She ended up introducing me to a girl, 2 and a half years ago who I'm still dating and a year ago my little brother met his girlfriend, who this story pretty much revolves around so I will be calling her Rain from here on out. No, that is not her real name it's raining out as I'm writing this so I figured what the h***.

Sunday, September 14, 2008.
Ah, the good part. In this part the methods to my madness are proven to be true whether you want to admit them or not. Well, nobody really likes Rain, not me, not my step mom, not even his best friends. As far as I'm concerned the only people who do are my mother and father. My mom and I planned on seein a movie around 3:00 so I figured I'd invite my brother but he said Rain had work at 4 and asked if we could go at 2:00. So I call my mom and ask her if 2 is ok. As I'm asking this, my step mom says, "Don't change your plans just for Rain." Well later on in the line to get refreshments my mom tells my brother what my step mom says. He got so mad and calls my dad to tell him what his wife said. We get out of the movies and I find out that they had a little arguement over it but nothing too big. Well about a half an hour later, my brother comes walking down the stairs with his buddy and Rain, who was supposed to be at work. This is where the fun starts. I turned to Rain and say, "Nobody likes you. All you do is bring your high school drama with you wherever you go. I'm pretty sure your family doesn't love you and the best thing that you could do for the world is run a straight razor up your wrist and take yourself out." My brother storms upstairs and starts yelling at my dad sayin what me and my step mom do to Rain. I head out to have a cig and for some reason Rain followed me. She asked me if that's how I really feel so I antagonize a little more and my brother comes out and shoves me looking for a fight. My dad rushes out to prevent this from happening.

My Lesson.
So I'll paint ya this picture which has to be the prettiest picture I've ever seen in my life. My brother is tryin so hard to hit me. My dad's holdin my brother back from hitting me while he's yelling at his wife, who happens to be yelling back. Rain is crying her eyes out, collapsed on the floor with her head in her hands, and as for me. I have a big smile on my face because what I am seeing right before me is everyone's true colors, which proves my point. A bad guy was thrown into the mix and everybody saw their true colors and I though to myself, this is how the world should be. Nobody putting up walls to shield themselves from society, nobody stabbing anyone else in the back, and everyone just letting their true emotions flow. Yes, I used my own family as a experiment to see how everyone would take it and I loved every minute of it. I don't regret a single thing.


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  • F*****' War and Peace is shorter.

  • Too long a******, didn't read it

  • ^agree

  • Ehh you're not a bad guy, and thats your problem. You have no clue what bad means.
    Not being mean, but you really aren't bad, and you aren't original.
    Everyone wants to be important, either in a good or bad way, and you're no different.
    Short of your age, you tend to say the same things the high schoolers say, make of that what you will.
    Like I said, I'm not being rude, I'm just at that point in life where this need people have to make themselves so important is boring to me.

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