My German Shepard

I loce f****** my dog, and I think she loves it too, she used to always sniff around my crotch and finally after I had just gotten out of the shower she licked my p**** and one thibg led to another and I ended up f****** her tight c*** on my bathroom floor and Ive continued doing it for the past year and she seems to love when I c** inside her

Aug 7, 2017

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  • #totallyfucked

  • You're going to get some really awful diseases, but besides that, it's gross!

  • Unbelievable.. Wow. Ugh.

  • This behavior isn't weird, it's pathological. Get help.

  • just need to beat that pieceofshit dog til she quits.... and you need get beat too.....

  • It's not the dogs fault! The life of the dog is more important than the owners! Their essence is pure, but the owners isn't :)

  • God, spare us from this r*****.

  • Spare us all!

  • You need help. Serious, intense, long-term, professional help.

  • So what do you plan to do when she turns up pregnant........

  • V-e-r-y-s-i-c-k-f-u-c-k

  • Perv

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